Women Say They Are Not Getting Married Because Of A Lack Of “Economically Viable” Men

Oh no, I`m not tryin` to save you gals `n
How come when I was broke you wasn`t brown nosin`?


Since the late 19th century, women have complained that they do not have enough “rights.” Men generally disagreed, saying that not only did women have rights, but that the general aim of the entire early feminist movement, which was in essence the suffragette movement, was about stripping power from men and transferring it to women. One of the major contentions that men has was that if women were given power, they would eventually use it to attack men. Part of this attack would involve the economic disenfranchisement of men, where by having employers be forced to hire women and expand the labor pool, it would half the cost of wages while maintaining the same amount of work to be done, thus resulting in a tremendous loss of capital for the laborer. It would also drive women from the homes to necessarily seek out work to help compensate for lost income, which would have tremendously detrimental effects on the family.

What happened in known to history, as suffrage was passed and with each year, more laws were instituted to favor feminism and it has continued since. In 2019, almost a century after women received the right to vote, conventional feminists will still talk about the ‘wage gap’ as though it was a kind of international conspiracy to short-change women, accompanied by saying such as ’78 cents on the dollar’ and feminist holidays such as ‘Equal pay day’ that supposedly are meant to raise awareness about the ‘plight’ of the modern woman. This of course does not account for reality, and the fact that it is well known how in corporate America, especially in the upper ranks, females are routinely paid more than their male counterparts.

But in a new study published by the Journal of Marriage and Family, a team of sociologists looked at the factors behind America’s falling marriage and family-formation rates. They found that American women are struggling to find ‘suitable’ partners due to a lack of ‘financially eligible’ bachelors, noting a “lack of good jobs” and the gig economy for this situation. However, he then said it was the fault of men and they had to ‘get with the program’.

In the study, published in the Journal of Marriage and Family, Cornell sociologists explored America’s declining marriage rate. They discovered a lack of financially eligible bachelors.

“There are shortages of economically attractive men,” lead study author Daniel T. Lichter tells The Post. Although we like to think marriage is based on love, he says, it “also is fundamentally an economic transaction,” and women want partners whom they can call their equals.

Lichter, who has been studying marriage for 30 years, says the gig economy and a “lack of good jobs” have contributed to the dearth of well-to-do dudes. So has the fact that women are outpacing men educationally, upending the age-old dominance of the male breadwinner over the past five to 10 years.

“Now it’s the case that more highly educated women are marrying down,” says Lichter. “Men have to get with the program.” (source)

For many years, the government has intentionally pushed feminism to the detriment of men. This is very obvious and so are the fruits, as most people in colleges today are women, and not only do women hold more advanced degrees than men, but they are also beginning to replace men as the prime breadwinners for families.

The women are complaining that the men are “not doing enough” and that they have to “get with the program,” but how can they?

In the natural order, men are stronger than women, and women are the vessels through which society is perpetuated. Men work and care for external affairs, women stay at home and care for internal affairs. There can naturally be crossover or certain exceptions owing to specific reasons, but when the paradigm is entirely inverted or destroyed, it causes chaos. The destruction is magnified by the number of relationship that function in such a defective way, which then affects society.

The current state of affairs that lead to the dominance of women in universities and the suppression of men has come through legal institution. It is not possible to conduct most business in the US without submitting to these standards, and if one refuses, one will be fined and prosecuted out of business. Yet it continues because the people- especially the women -want this because they have been deluded into believing that they are “entitled” to such when not only is such historically abnormal, but is socially detrimental.

If men are pushed out of work and women and others are put in as legal favorites over them, what options do they have? Mostly work as individuals or in lower-paying jobs. Likewise, they will want to devote more time to themselves because if they can barely provide for their needs- let alone a modern American woman -and knowing the divorce statistics as well as the potential effects on their personal lives, what reason is there for them to get married, at least to the modern woman?

Practically and legally speaking, there is no reason for most men to get married in the US today because it is such a large commitment with a market of poor quality women that operates to their favor as much as it places men into a perpetual state of legal jeopardy. All a woman has to do is accuse a man of anything to a “law enforcement officer” and that man loses most of his rights (including that to hold firearms) and is put into a situation that will be difficult for him to ever get out of.

If you were given a gun and told to put it to your head and pull the trigger, and that you had a greater than 50% chance that you will die, would you do it?

Absolutely not.

That is why men are not getting married, because to get married today for most people is an act of economic suicide since over 50% will get divorced and it will not be the women, but the man who is forced to pay bills to her. If there are children involved, the family will get broken up and it will lead to relationship problems and many other very bad issues.

What is the point of going into a contract where you are likely to lose?

Then, as the study notes, there is a desire for “economically attractive”, or “rich” men.

If women wanted richer men, the answer is simple- shrink the labor pool. The amount of available work will be the same, but with a smaller pool then salaries for jobs will naturally increase. The easiest way to do this, speaking of domestic issues only, is to minimize the number of women in the work force. However, this is not going to happen because it would be considered a politically sensitive issue, not to mention the corporate world wants women in the work force because unlike men, who tend to view a job as a job, a woman tends to use a job as a surrogate family, and as such major corporations, whose purpose is not business but the expansion of power by their owners through the systematic exploitation of human capital with minimal return to the exploited, see them as easier to manipulate with the lies and evil ideas that they so love to embrace in the name of patriotism and business.

A bunch of over-educated women given positions of power and favored over men by law and subsidy naturally develop the mindset that they can become men in theory but without the bodily appendages. As such, they start to act like men, and no man wants a woman who acts like a man.

As a result of this, men pull out of relationships, or will go with foreign women or women of different demographics that are less affected by this. The women on the other hand, will continue on their power trip until about 35 to 45, when they realize that their nature as women- to reproduce -is nearing its end. As such, they will desperately attempt to “lock down” a man, even if he is only a “donor” to fertilize their aging and decrepit eggs that if not already rotten have a low likelihood of becoming impregnated through years of STDs, birth control, and possibly an abortion or two.

If a man is stupid enough to save such a poor investment of a woman- a “Captain Save-A-Ho” as the rapper E-40 puts it -then there is still a strong chance that a divorce will happen, and the man will be stuck again.

Fortunately, a large number of men are waking up to this.

Make no mistake, I am NOT advocating for MGTOW- or “men going their own way”. Rather, I am saying that what is happening right now with the late Gen X and old millennial generations is a serious paradigm shift.

This round of women is having their fertility run out without ever having had children, and while pretending to be men. On the other hand, men of good will of the same age still can sire healthy children for years to come.

The Zoomer generation has watched, and while many are seeming to follow in the errors of the Millennials and those before, many women are also realizing the error of what those who came before did, as they can see the consequences before them.

This is a great opportunity for men yet to be married, as they have a hope of finding a woman who has not been entirely poisoned by “careerism” and will likely be happy with a man whose economic “attraction” is below average.

On the other hand, the older women who bought the lies of careerism are going to find themselves very alone, for all corporate “families”- a disgusting use of the term -are fake and come to an end. It is very difficult at fifty, sixty, and seventy years old to sit alone in an apartment with a bunch of cats and no family because the children that one could have had were rejected.

There is no doubt that a demographic winter is coming upon the US- it will be interesting to see how it plays out, because things cannot go on as they are currently forever. The idea of expecting “economic attraction” cannot continue to square with the current laws, and there will be a forced social reckoning. In addition, those who bought the lie will be forced to deal with their consequences, and possibly may even choose to take their own lives to escape from the pain they have brought upon themselves.

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