Did Yeni Safak Get Caught Trying To Manufacture Tension Between Hindus And Muslims?

Yeni Safak is a major Turkish newspaper and a mouthpiece for the would-be Ottoman tyrant President Erdogan of Turkey. The nation spanning both Europe and Asia has an ancient history and is historical imperial power, something which has not been forgotten and which Turkey wants ardently to return to her role of being such.

Due to the 20th century Operation Gladio program, the US and Germany built Turkey into what is now the eighth strongest military on earth and the second largest in physical size after Russia. Modeling herself after Germany’s “manufacture and export” business structure, Turkey has grown rapidly and so has her power and ability to produce propaganda that favors her economic and political interests.

Now one can be the judge of a story that appeared on September 23 in Yeni Safak, where and incident was reported that took place in India’s Jharkhand state the previous day, when a crowd of 10 to 15 people attacked a group of local people, accusing them of butchering a cow. Three men were injured in the attack, one of whom died. The story cited a senior police official, M.L. Meena. According to Yeni Safak, the person killed was designated as a Muslim. However, the story did not substantiate this at all.

As Yeni Safak indicated, the story it published was in fact written by the Reuters news agency. However, while the original Reuters piece was headlined, “Man in India killed by mob after being accused of cow slaughter,” and clearly stated that the attacked men were not Muslims, Yeni Safak changed the headline to read: “Muslim man in India killed by mob after being accused of cow slaughter.” (source)

Now in fairness to Yeni Safak, it could have been an accident. However, as of the latest publication, the article had not been updated to reflect the correct version of events.

We know for a historical fact that the intelligence services of the world are largely paid to lie, cheat, steal, and murder for their governments. We also know that the Gladio program was defined as “strategy of tension” that involved polarizing opposite groups to extreme ends and then attempting to step into the middle and control the ensuing chaos, directing it towards theoretically a favorable end.

The situation in India with Muslims and Hindus is very serious. As Shoebat.com has covered, the Hindus want to create a Hindu ethnostate and are ready to commit genocide against Christians as well as Muslims. The Muslims do not like the Hindus, and there are many willing to fight aggressively against them.

The Ottoman Empire never controlled India. However, they did exert economic influence over parts of India and were highly active in the Indian Ocean, coming into battle with the Portuguese.

We know that Turkey was and still is looked at as a “protector” of the Muslim world by other Muslims, and she sees herself as this role as well.

We know for a fact that Turkey and Iran have been working together in order to plot against Saudi Arabia.

We know that Pakistan is hated by Iran and India alike, and is Saudi Arabia’s only ally.

The question emerges, is Turkey attempting to get involved in creating propaganda for the purpose of stirring up Islamic and Hindu sentiments, possibly as a part of some attempt to justify “exerting” herself?

Likewise, another question would be, is Turkey working with Hindu nationalists to do this, for both Turkey and India have mutual goals albeit to different ends and purposes? Turkey wants to revive Osman’s Dream, while India wants the Hindutva Rashtriya.

One does not know. However, propaganda is not uncommmon to news. Shoebat.com reported on in 2017 how a series of stories about UK SAS soldiers killing ISIS terrorists was likely a falsehood, and we also reported how stories of Christians being saved from ISIS by Jewish charity were also scams being perpetuated for the financial benefit of Yechiel Eckstein, a Jew with a history of questionable financial dealings.

It is clear that Turkey wants to “take her place” among the powers of the world. Is she attempting to do this by following, as one speaks of propaganda, in the footsteps of the US, UK, and Israel, except only that this time she was caught?

It is certainly possible. It will also be something to watch for in Turkish news, for while nations have a history of lying for political gain, often times what separates “success” from failure is if the lies in question are able to be detected by the public with ease or not.

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