Major 2016 Election Swing States Were The Most Impacted By Trump’s Policy Decisions

The 2020 election still appears to favor President Trump, owing largely to the intentional shenanigans of the Democrat party. However, this lead remains in jeopardy because as we have noted, there are many factors that could quickly swing it to the favor of the Democrats.

The economy is one of such major issues, as the basic fact is that people need jobs, and it was the white working class that largely supported Trump in the Midwestern states that gave him the votes he needed to win. Now it has been reported that two swing states narrowly won by President Trump over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in 2016 were also the sites of the greatest losses in manufacturing jobs between 2018 and 2019 according to data released Friday by the Labor Department.

The agency’s state employment survey found that Wisconsin has lost about 5,200 manufacturing jobs since August of last year. In Pennsylvania, losses of manufacturing jobs topped 7,700, according to the survey.

Trump carried the two states in 2016 despite a concerted effort by the Clinton campaign to hold on to Pennsylvania and Wisconsin having not previously voted for a Republican presidential candidate since 1984.

During his campaign, the president vowed to bring manufacturing jobs back from China and other countries, while accusing the Obama administration and other previous administrations of signing trade deals that resulted in factories moving overseas. (source)

In the early months of his presidency, Trump worked to prove his commitment to factory workers by negotiating with companies such as Carrier, which pledged to keep about 1,000 jobs at an Indianapolis factory location after pressure from the White House. Likewise, the president earned favor with many when he made a scene as he battled a local union boss on social media earlier this year, blaming him for the closure of a General Motors plant in Ohio.

Reality television works and it can work for a while. However, the true reality is when a man looks in his bank account and has to come to an agreement with his bills. The question becomes, can he pay his bills or not?

If he cannot pay his bills, then his anger will- rightly or wrongly -be directed at somebody. Since many of these people have suffered greatly from the manufacturing decline and the trade shenanigans with China, Trump will be blamed by many of them for economic problems.

I have written before that demographics is critical to future elections, and that Republican candidates will face an increasingly difficult hurdle to surmount and the migrations of people within the US (not foreign migration) turns “red” areas into purple or blue ones. The continual decline of the white working class too, in their attempts to escape the difficult and sad lives that many have, will also affect voting patterns.

Trump’s main selling point this election is not his competency, as that has largely been put to question. What he is running on is either (a) him being misunderstood about topics such as “racism” (and hence why Trump would rather that people argue about him being “racist” than his actual deeds and their effects that are easy to measure and prove) or (b) that he is the only somewhat sane option amid a Democrat party that is playing a kind of “insanity defense” to ensure that they do not win the 2020 election so they can take power in 2024 and hold it until 2032.

If a Democrat is elected, expect a swift move towards socialism.

If Trump is re-elected, expect the same movements but in a Republican context where fellow party members will argue over the same things they will accuse Democrats of just as they did with Obama.

There is a third option, and it is to ignore the entire show because there is no point to it.

Life is a very precious thing. Focus your efforts on making yourself the best person that you can be in the eyes of God, and use what you have learned or have to help others realize such in their own turns in your families and local spheres of influence.

If there is any lesson to be learned, it is to ignore the nonsensical mess that is this current election.

If one is one of those “working class whites,” then in all seriousness, work as hard as you can and then some because you will gravely impacted when the next inevitable recession comes, and regardless if you support Trump or not, it will be left to you to help yourself as many will not be able to.

Likewise, for the rest of us, do not look with too much criticism on those who did support him on the promise of bringing back manufacturing, for many did place a degree of hope in him and given the unique circumstances of his election, there was a potential for Trump to deviate from the political mainstream enough to genuinely help people.

But Trump has had his chance, and he has been found to, not surprisingly, have lied and deceived people looking for real answer to their real problems.

No one can help what he did at this point, but you can help yourself.

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