The ‘Antifa Screaming At An Old Lady’ Event In Canada Raises More Questions Than It Answers

The protests between the “left” and the “right” bear a semblance to the fighting between the Communists (International Socialists) and National Socialists during the 20th century and have for some years now. This was noted with the 2016 Identity Evropa / American Identity Movement protest when Nathan D’Amigo, a supporter of National Socialism, punched a woman at a protest who was associated with “Antifa”.

These protests have been taking place all around the world. One such like protests took place in Canada, but instead of having National Socialists present, it was a group of “Antifa” who, according to a video, began screaming at an old lady.

According to the video, three demonstrators from “Antifa” on Sunday refused to move out of the elderly couple’s way.  The elderly couple was blocked from passing while they trio screamed ‘Nazi scum off our streets!’ at them.

However, a statement from an Antifa member caught my attention as it was reported in the UK Daily Mail:

One protest organizer named Alice Smith told local reporters that the majority of demonstrators managed to express themselves without harassing helpless old ladies.

‘I have never seen [the people blocking the woman] before last night,’ Smith told CBC Hamilton. ‘If I had been there at that spot, at that moment … I would have stepped in to stop it, because that wasn’t what we were there for.’

At least four people were arrested during violent clashes that broke out among the estimated total of 100 pro- and anti-PPC demonstrators outside the event.

Hamilton Police said more demonstrators may be arrested as they continue investigating video evidence of the incident. (source)

This statement is exactly what I expected.

The basic question to which nobody has yet to provide an answer to is: Who are these people?

And I’m not talking about just “ANTIFA”. I’m talking about the old lady and the old man.

One of my favorite things my grandfather, who at the current time is almost ninety, loves to do in the morning is to go out and get himself breakfast. He is old and slow, but he get himself up, goes for his walk, then gets his coffee and sandwich, eats it at the particular place he goes to, and then goes home. If he doesn’t spend an hour doing yard work, he goes to his special chair and will watch the news, read the local newspaper, or watch reruns of old television shows between taking naps. Sometimes he will go out with his wife to various social events, and the elderly share stories with each other of their mundane but interesting details of their days in between discussing their grandchildren.

When something interesting happens that deviates from his normal- even a small thing- it can mean a lot for an elderly person. Since they are old already and given that many simply want to converse with people, small events can make for big conversations. Even if a person has no family, the elderly tend to seek others out and tell their story, which then spreads quickly. As noted, these are usually things that are relatively unimportant, such as catching the neighbor’s dog relieving himself on her flowers, or seeing the teenage boy across the street bring a girl into his parents house when his parents weren’t home, or even that the local McDonald’s removed an option from the Dollar Menu.

Now consider the story above. Grandma and Grandpa are walking down the street, feeble and elderly. For some unexplained reason, they decided to walk right into not only a protest, but the particular point in a protest where there is a group of people screaming in a disordered way. People, mind you, that the protesters themselves claim they do not know whose they are nor has there been any positive identification of them at this point. These elderly people then try to cross the street and the protesters start screaming at them and abusing them.

At that point, the video ends. Grandma is still in the middle of the street with three “antifa thugs” surrounding her.

Think about this as well. If you were filming this for real, unless your camera broke, would you not keep filming it through to see what happens to grandma? Because given all of the claims of violence against “Antifa,” while certainly wanting the best for grandma, would you not anticipate that “antifa” might try to attack grandma, or perhaps pull her walker away?

I can tell you that as one who has worked in journalism, reporting, and analysis, that a video like that is absolute GOLD for an article. A headline such as “Communist Thug Punches Sweet Old Lady With Walker While Screaming ‘Nazi Scum Off Our Streets'” and having the evidence to back this up makes for perfect reporting or discussion.

There is absolutely no reason that this video should have been turned off, and whoever turned the video off needs to provide an explanation as to why that happened.

Likewise, there is the next question: Who filmed this? This is the other question we do not know a clear answer to. While anonymity is important for protecting people, it should be used sparingly. One may claim a fear of “antifa violence,” but providing a thirty-second clip of an elderly person doing a very unelderly-like thing in suspect circumstances needs an explanation.

Some people have said that the old lady was crying, but before describing what the old lady was doing, who is the old lady? As noted above, old people love to talk, and if they will not talk, then their son or daughter, grandchildren, or the told people at the local old people’s club will talk about it. Even if they say nothing, then there is a strong chance that an old person will see the news and video, as the elderly do little more than watch news and (in some cases) pass their time on social media, and somebody WILL recognize who this old lady is and then talk.

Why is there no information as to who these old people are at all?

Do we even know if these are truly old people, or not somebody dressed up as old people?

Take note too of the “antifa protesters” causing the violence, versus those in the background. Note that the ones causing the violence are all wearing masks, while if one looks at the background, almost all of the people there are not wearing masks.

Does this not seem strange?

Likewise, there is another piece of evidence which is the fact that this happened at a Dave Rubin event.

Dave Rubin, as has pointed out, is a notorious Jewish sodomite who is famous for defending sodomite pederasty with self-identifying “conservative” and sodomite lover Dennis Prager.

Dave Rubin has been known to have been funded by the infamous Koch Brothers. Dave Rubin also has demonstrated ties to Rebel Media, which is funded by the self-professed Zionist and funder of the counter-jihad movement and Jew with ties to the military-industrial complex Robert Shillman. There is also evidence of links with PJ Media, which is funded by another Jew and supporter of homosexuality Aubrey Chernick.

In September 2018, reported on how the infamous sodomite “Blair White” left the “conservative movement” but before he did, he exposed how many in the movement pay actors to stage events in order to manufacture publicity. You can read the article here.

This is the same way that governments in the West, including the counter-jihad movement have operated for a long time, for if events are not suspicious in the course of events that surround them, then they will support movements whose purpose is not what they are presented as, but are a lead to another movement. In the case of the counter-jihad movement, as has discussed, it is an extension of the neo-nationalist movement meant to revive militarism.

It is highly suspicious that at an event for a major Jewish sodomite at a college campus with direct ties to the conservative movement and individuals with a suspected history of using staged actors to create problems in order to manufacture a specific public image suddenly has a bunch of “leftist thugs” attack an old lady of which nobody can identify the thugs or the lady, of which there is only an abrupt 30-second video clip with no idea of how the conflict ends, with no follow-up with a bunch of protesters who were not wearing masks and claim to have no idea who these people are when these protesters have become the whole focus of the event and were all wearing masks.

This entire event has the rotten odor of a set-up.

It should be expected, for as the Bible notes, since the sodomites and those who support sodom have no morals and have by their personal decisions made the choice to give themselves over wholly to evil acts, there is nothing that is not impossible for them to do.

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