Massachusetts Woman Attacks Wal-Mart Employee With Lysol Over Quantity Limits

Erratic behavior is always common in societies when civil unrest happens. However, America has it own particular form of dysfunctional behavior, manifesting at major “big box” stores or corporate restaurants. Whether it is shooting somebody over a chicken sandwich at Popeyes, attacking cashiers over “Chicken McNuggets”, beating up old ladies over toilet paper at Costco, or general savage behavior found at Wal-Marts all across the nation, American dysfunction is in a class by itself. This was exhibited recently in Massachusetts, where a woman attacked a Wal-Mart employee with Lysol after being told there were purchase quantity limits on it.

Police are looking for a woman who they say sprayed a Leicester Walmart cashier in the eyes with Lysol. The assault happened after she was told there was a limit on how many cans of the product customers could buy.

Lysol and other disinfectants have been in high demand as people try to protect themselves against the coronavirus. The incident happened March 27.

“The female suspect was informed by a cashier that there was a limit on the number of Lysol disinfectant cans that she was trying to purchase,” Leicester police said. “The female responded by spraying the cashier in the eyes with the Lysol requiring a response from EMS.” (source)

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