Large Wildfires Encroach On Chernobyl

In the 2013 scifi comedy film Sharknado, a giant waterspout hurling towards Los Angeles picks up a bunch of sharks from the ocean and creates a whirling column of water and chomping death over the city. It is ridiculous because it is such an extreme situation that it could never happen.

However, an incident that sounds similar to a “sharknado” type situation it taking place right now in Ukraine as wildfires are encroaching on the infamous nuclear accident site of Chernobyl, threatening giant nuclear-tainted fires over the Eastern European nation.

Wildfires are currently raging near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, with activists warning the “situation is critical”.

Firefighters and aircraft are battling several forest fires in the radiation exclusion zone around Chernobyl, in northern Ukraine, since last week.

Hundreds of firefighters backed by aircraft have been battling several forest fires in the radiation exclusion zone around the site since last week.

The country’s emergency services say initial blazes have been contained but new fires have flared up near the decommissioned plant. (source)

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