Mumbling To “Return To Normal” Continues As Record Death Tolls From COVID-19 Continue To Get Broken

“Let’s re-open America right now”, say many in the public. Yet as Thompson Reuters reports, the deaths from COVID-19 continue to increase for a record amount for the second straight day.

U.S. coronavirus deaths increased by a record number for the second day in a row, rising by at least 2,371 on Wednesday to top 30,800, according to a Reuters tally, as states spared the worst of the pandemic mulled a partial lifting of restrictions on business and social life by May 1.

The United States recorded its first coronavirus fatality on Feb. 29. It took 38 days to reach 10,000 deaths and just nine more days to go from 10,000 fatalities to 30,000. The previous high single-day death toll was 2,364 on Tuesday. (source)

Ask yourself, if deaths were increasing each month in Mexico due to drug violence, would it be a good idea to encourage travel to Mexico?

Why then would one want to travel with a virus that people do not really know how it functions, except that some strains kill you, others are harmless, and nobody knows what is doing what in a particular place?

This is the problem as to why things cannot reopen right now. If they were to it would be a major risk to public health.

I do not deny that pandemics are no fun or bad. What cannot happen is to try to rush through them. The economic problems are not related to the pandemic- they were already present, but just being ignored. The virus is forcing discussion about them and their problems out from hiding. Trying to rush the recovery period for the virus will not help anything, but will only make it more difficult to control it for the future.

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