Is The Counter Jihad Movement Now Promoting Paganism As A Solution To Islam? began her life as a site exposing the evils of Islam because Islam is just that- objectively evil and the answer to Islam is found in the Gospels and in the Magesterium of the Church founded by Christ. The position of in this way has not changed, for just as Christ is the same yesterday and today, Islam is also equally evil.

As boldly declared in 2017, she broke ties openly with many past associations with the counter-jihad movement, for while having disagreements with the movement for years on many issues, the last straw was the open support of nationalists and even national socialism that the movement was willingly associating itself with. This was explored in a series of articles about the movement. One of our criticism was with the major counter-jihad website Jihad Watch, for it has openly shown support of individuals and groups with links to said groups or who support openly anti-Christian positions.

Now the website has put out another interesting piece about the rise of Zoroastrianism in Iran with the decline of Islam taking place also:

Zoroastrianism has therefore contributed to growing Iranian evaluation of Islam’s foreign origins in the context of indigenous Iranian culture, an “identity crisis” described to Rajvi by one Iranian-American. Iranians are “conflicted between these two identities,” as “being Zoroastrian is like being Iranian….Being Muslim is not really being Iranian,” he said. “‘Converting back’ to Zoroastrianism, as many refer to the process of rediscovering their roots, has encouraged a view of Islam as an alien Arab faith that was imposed on unwilling Persians,” Rajvi summarized.

Zoroastrianism indicates once more that the Islamic Republic’s many failures have jeopardized the regime goal of global Islamic revolution in Iran and beyond. Many Iranians disillusioned by the Islamic Republic have instead have abandoned Islam in favor of belief alternatives, such as Iran’s growing underground Christian communities. As with Cyrus and his historic cylinder, Zoroastrianism shows that nothing threatens the Islamic Republic in the present like the Iranian popular imagination of a national past. As a future article will examine, some Kurds find the Zoroastrian past equally compelling. (source)

What exactly is Jihad Watch trying to say here?

Now one cannot find the site saying that she directly supports Zoroastrianism, but the fact is that such articles, and given the site’s history of supporting Hindu nationalists while attacking Islam at the same time, leads one to wonder- is Jihad Watch supporting paganism now?

I say this unironically. The nationalist groups and their causes are directly linked to paganism and the advancement of pagan ideologies.

Opposing Islam is good, but never at the cost of supporting another evil in its place. Evil must be fought in all forms, not just one that is socially acceptable to allow another in, and one that is likely worse.

Islam is evil, but paganism is a major scourge in Europe, enough to incite a war on the continent.

It would be foolish for the common man and outright evil for those with more knowledge to support the rise of paganism knowing this history.

This is the reason why there can be no opposition to anything- not even Islam -unless the movement is rooted in the right support, for to dislodge a thing from its place necessarily creates a vacuum that must be filled by something else. In the case of Islam, the spiritual vacuum created must be filled by something. always emphasized and continues to declare that the only way to fill that hole created is with Christian truth, which is the objective truth of the matter. No political or economic solution can ever work because they cannot answer questions about the transcendent, and God cannot be replaced by a part of His creation.

One has already seen the metamorphosis of the LGBT movement, from being about “love” to supporting the legalization of pedophilia, in a few years. The anti-Islam movement seems to be undergoing its own changes, from being about stopping Islam and including Christianity, to eventually taking nationalistic overtones and driving out most religion save for that which support nationalism, and proposing politics rooted in identity and culture as the answer to a religious matter, which leads one to think that the entire movement was fraudulent from the beginning and designed with the intention of moving this route.

This does not mean that Islam is good or should not be opposed. It just means that the current movement was more than what it seemed to be, and it appears this continues to be revealed in further totality with the passing of time.

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