Major Russian Media Outlet Reports There Are At Least Eight Million Migrants In Russia Doing Jobs That Russians Won’t Do

Migration in Russia is similar to the US, where it is used as a political football by nationalist types. However, it has a slightly different tone in Russia due to her history with her neighbors. In modern times, Russia is facing an unprecedented crisis of mass migration in combination with a massive population drop off. However, according to Pravda, Russia has at least eight million labor migrants, who do the jobs that Russian do not do.

[Q:] Alexander Lvovich, how large is the number of labor migrants who have not left Russia?

[A:] It can be assumed that in total we have up to 8 million migrants on our territory. These are those that can more or less be taken into account.

[Q:] Still, they will somehow strive to find a job. Will Russian citizens lose their jobs? Migrants are cheaper, but it is difficult for business now. How to solve this?

[A:] The Russians, I believe, should not be worried. Migrants have always worked in sectors where our citizens did not go. The proportions that have developed in terms of the distribution of the employment structure among Russian citizens and migrants will remain. They can slightly change, as it was during the crisis of 2008-2009, 2015, but then all this comes to its balance again. Migrants work in unskilled jobs, in difficult conditions, with difficult working conditions, poorly paid, where high qualifications are not needed.

Imagine that all bodybuilders – specialists in physical education and weight lifting will go to the construction sites of the country, this, of course, is a utopia. So migrants will not become competitors to our citizens. (source)

This answer is basically the situation that the US has. Indeed, Russia and the US are mirrors of each other in many ways. The migration issue overseas is not significantly different in its essence than that in the US, and its end is generally the same. While it is criticized, it is also needed, and without it such is highly unlikely for either nation to have reached the levels of power and influence which they both have attained.

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