US And Australia Bust International Pedophile Ring

The sexual exploitation of children has always been a problem and is often tied to very deep criminal networks because of the nature of the crime. According to a recent report from Marie Claire, police in the US and Australia have worked together to break up an international pedophile ring, arresting sixteen people and charging them with 738 child exploitation offenses.

A two-year effort by Australian law enforcement and the United States Homeland Security Investigations has resulted in 16 people in Australia being charged with 738 child exploitation offences.

Police executed 18 search warrants and arrested 16 people across NSW, Victoria, QLD, South Australia and Western Australia on 738 charges, 9 News reports.

Authorities also announced the removal of 4 Australian children from the alleged ring, 3 in NSW and 1 in Victoria. (source)

A lot of the abuse that happens begins within families, but is not limited to them. Many have pointed a finger at the abuse in the Catholic Church, but statistics (beginning with the major and ground-breaking John Jay Study of 2004) show consistently that over 80% of the abuse that happens is homosexual, and thus proves the well-known but seldom-discussed fact that sodomites are major perpetrators of abusing children, no matter what the nation or organization in question is.

Question that one must ask about this is the nature of the abuse, which is almost never discussed in a news story, and who it is tied to. This is not to say that girls are not involved (as they often are), but males are known to be sexually abused by other males, and it is a problem that is often not discussed.

It is good that these rings get broken up. However, the real issue involves when one goes into rings of more power. Many of these types tend to be the “lower” hanging ones, which is made up of people who are not in power. One only needs to look at the case of the infamous Jeffrey Epstein, who Alex Acosta openly said was told had ties to ‘intelligence’ and was not to be interfered with. has reported many times, as it can be read in our archives, that the FBI and DoD are major sources of child sexual abuse material, so much that they are the arguably largest peddlers of it on the darkweb. Given the history of blackmail operations, known as “Brownstone operations,” the open ties of Jeffrey Epstein to intelligence and how Ghislane Maxwell was the daughter of the founder of Israel’s intelligence service, one has to ask if perhaps while it is good to get the ‘low hanging fruit’, those which are of more interest are the same people who claim their task is the ‘defense’ of the American common good and national ethos.

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