The Masonic Conspiracy To Usher In A Global Revolution Of Nationalism, Slaughter And Chaos

By Walid & Theodore Shoebat

Over the years of reading current events, one of the strangest patterns that we have seen are the numerous situations in which a group of very violent and reactionary people identify as Templars and Freemasons. We are not speaking here about the average Mason who goes to the Lodge as a country club, but a type of Mason who, being reactionary, identifies with the Templar Knights and forms a secret society while partaking in torch light rituals and planning for revolution and bloodshed. These groups come under the guise of not just any Christianity, but as a movement with a face of traditionalism that comes disguised as combative for God, tradition and order. With this face of piety and martial will, they end up doing the very things they claim to be against, and that is the slaughter of the innocent. Christ warned us about this: “Indeed, the hour is coming when whoever kills you will think he is offering service to God.” (John 16:2) The tyranny that is coming will not have a face of liberalism, but a Christian face. Here Christ warned us of Fascism, or the pursuit of tyranny under the pretext of returning to a glory day of religion and godliness

We have seen this numerous times in our own era. In Mexico, a violent cult calling itself the Knights Templars (Caballeros Templarios), and led by a religious leader named Nazario Moreno who studied Freemasonry, took over the state of Michoacan in the name of purifying the country for God, only to slaughter thousands of people, direct a major industry of human sex trafficking, indulge in ritual cannibalism and become a narco cult worth billions of dollars. In Germany, in the year 2018, a National Socialist paramilitary was uncovered to have been organizing a revolution in which they would slaughter the politicians and the journalists who are anti-fascist and ‘purify’ Germany for their National Socialist cause. The leader of the group, “Andre S.”, was a Mason who recruited other Masons to follow him. There are numerous examples like this which we will delve in here.

It is difficult for us to write on the subject of Templars and Freemasons, and of their connections with paramilitaries, for fear of being seen as a conspiracist. But, looking at history as a lens through which to see the current world, one sees patterns which we find difficult to throw away into the realm of coincidence. Let us first clarify that what we are about to present are mere details and observations, with its conclusion we will leave to you, the reader.

The Knights Templar cult in Mexico

Nazario Moreno’s first position as a narco was when he led La Empresa, a network of drug traffickers who bought marijuana from local farmers and sold it. La Empresa initially collaborated with Los Zetas, the most brutal and ruthless of the narcos at the time, but things escalated and the two went to war. Moreno allied with local vigilantes and eventually threw out the Zetas and took over territory. Moreno would give La Empresa a new banner: La Famila (the Family), and this new group would preach family values and fight drug use. La Familia had both a spiritual and patriotic facade, with Moreno praising Mexico’s revolutionary idol, Emiliano Zapata. Moreno’s ideology was heavily influenced by the American masculinist and ‘back to nature’ Evangelical teacher, John Eldredge, and was fanatical about his ‘manly’ Christianity. La Famila eventually became the Knights Templar Cartel (Caballeros Templarios). At first they appealed to the people as liberators from the Zetas’ reign of terror. But, as what happens when one opportunistic group takes power from tyrants, the heroes revealed themselves to be simply the new tyrants (as we see in other parts of the world in which nationalist organizations, claiming to be for the people, are garnering political leverage as they push for fascism disguised as tradition, calling the current establishment of the EU tyrannical when they are far more despotic). 

The Templar Cartel would bring about a reign of terror in the state of Michoacan, raping, kidnapping and murdering. The Templar Cartel was a religiously fanatical paramilitary organization that also made profits by working as guards for loggers who had begun to cut down and log the forests that belonged to the native Purepecha people in the town of Cheran. For centuries this indigenous people’s economy was from logging the oak forests. But, professional loggers entered and began cutting down the trees (they had taken away an estimated 70% of the trees) as their Templar guards brought terror to the natives. (See Boullosa & Wallace, Narco History).        

While Moreno is always remembered as a drug cartel leader, what is rarely observed is how, before becoming a major narco kingpin, he was studying Freemasonry and found familiarity with secret societies. In 2014, Univision published an article that pointed out:

“According to the story published by Reforma, it was at that time that El Chayo [the Craziest One, the nickname of Moreno] began his studies of Freemasonry and related to groups that professed secret ideals of world improvement with presentation in many countries.”

Moreno recounted his studying of Freemasonry in his autobiography, titled El Chayo (The Craziest One) in which he wrote:

“That was the time when I entered the study of secret societies at the international level. I studied Freemasonry. I related to groups that professed secret ideals of global improvement with ramifications in many countries.”

Masonic ideology was merged with Evangelical Christianity in the worldview of Moreno since, as he recounted in his autobiography, he began studying the Bible as he was inquiring into Freemasonry:

“It was also at that time that I felt the call of God, beginning the study of the Bible, as they do with true theologians, deepening the understanding of the life, message and philosophy of the teacher from Galilee”

The masking of Masonic ideas with Christianity is part of the presentation of Freemasonry, so this is of no surprise. The Masonic character of the Knights Templar cartel is seen in its icon: the prodigious Templar cross, which was used by Masons in the past and is used by Templar organizations today. This was not just in Mexico, but would be seen years later in Germany. As we said before, what was seen in Mexico is being seen throughout the world, with numerous diabolical forces claiming religion while pursuing the reign of demons. 

German paramilitaries led by a Freemason

In 2019, journalists in the German press wrote about an occult Right-wing paramilitary organization called Uniter, members of which had ties to Germany’s intelligence, military and police. This group was in fact preparing for a revolution which they labeled Day X  in which they planned on killing politicians and members of the press as part of a cleansing of Germany. The organization was led by one “Andre S” (German media is not allowed to put in last names in these situations) who went by the nickname “Hannibal.”  He was an employee for the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), Germany’s domestic security agency tasked with intelligence-gathering on threats against societal order. Andre S. was also a member of the special forces command (KSK) of the German armed forces (Bundeswehr). While he was in the Bundeswehr, Andre was a part of Germany’s Military Counterintelligence Service (MAD). Founded in 2012, Uniter started initially as a non-profit organization for soldiers and officers but then quickly shifted to its ultimate, diabolical, role of National Socialism and revolution.

The organization became more mysterious, and really a secret society. The whole group became a part of the Lazarus Union, a religious order based in Austria, in which initiates are knighted, attire themselves with cloaks and get blessed with swords. Like the Masonic Lodge, members could elevate themselves in the ranks of the cult by going through “degrees,” and in the words of the Taz report: “they give lectures to each other through secret societies.” Former members of Uniter have also testified that newcomers, with hoods over their heads, are led into Masonic temples, by torchlight rituals. Uniter also conducted workshops and invited people to participate in them, such as, for example, a knife fighting course.

These paramilitary conspirators organized themselves through chat groups that supposedly do not exist today and they consisted of not only soldiers and police officers, but government officials as well, according to a 2018 report from Taz. These people organized themselves also through their association with the organization, Uniter. In fact, it is reported that three of the men within this paramilitary circle have been accused by the Federal Prosecutor for planning the killing of politicians, activists, and people from “the Left”.

One of the chats that Andre was a part of belonged to one “Franco A.” who, like Andre, was also in the Bundeswehr. In 2016, Franco A. was in Albstadt in Baden-Württemberg where he was preparing for “Day X” with two dozen others in a rifle club. It is not surprising that Germany’s Attorney General has given Franco A. terrorist charges. Franco A. spent time with another armed group but this time with André S. aka “Hannibal”. 

Uniter worked to find recruits through Germany’s Masonic lodges. In June of 2015 Andre S. wrote an email to a member of the Lodge, in which he referred to the freedom fighters Garibaldi and Washington (both of whom were Freemasons). “Without radical changes, you cannot change the lazy crowd in order to work in the spirit of humanity”, he wrote. It needs “radical leaders” who “can make decisions and go their own way instead of running after the masses”, said another email from André S. also in June 2015. Andre S, not surprisingly, even foresaw a possibly upcoming “war” with Russia and wrote: “The only question is when and how it discharges”.

In December of 2017, four members of the field and military lodge (called the “Henning von Tresckow” Lodge ) in Potsdam were invited to a Christmas party by Uniter in the Fasanerie Palace near Fulda. Uniter, interestingly, was apparently able to use large parts of the property for this. Some members from the Potsdam Lodge who were present seemed startled by what they saw. Two men were subjected to a sophisticated ceremony for the “admission to a higher degree” in the hierarchy of Uniter, according to a letter from several members of the military Lodge “Henning von Tresckow” to their club management in February 2019. With bags over their heads the two members were “led into a circle of torch bearing men”. There, according to the description, they had to “kneel down in front of a table on which there was a Bible and a skull”. According to the report, they had to “take an oath in front of leader André S. and drink a large glass that was filled with an unknown drink”.  André S. explained that this Masonic unit should “be used in the future” if “the state can no longer guarantee its citizens’ security”. By security, Andre S. was referring partially to security from immigrants, since in April of 2019 he published a report on the security situation in Germany that denounced “the violence of so-called immigrants”.

André S. is said to have resigned from the military lodge in Potsdam. But he apparently kept a number of his followers there.  He kept four “brothers” — who were members of Uniter — in the Potsdam Lodge, according to its chairman in a lodge report dated January 20th, 2019. According to the chairman, André S. state “openly” that he “only occupied the” leadership of Uniter “known only to the innermost circle” with Freemasons.

The Potsdam Lodge’s second chairman Michael H., was, according to a 2019 report from Stern, a member of Uniter. But, at the request of members of the Lodge, Michael H. left Uniter in February of 2019. “I quit because of the fears of some friends”, said Michael. But, he still reveres Uniter, always speaking of  “our statutes” when he talks about the paramilitary organization.

Templars in Serbia

In 2011, a Norwegian Nazi by the name of Anders Breivik slaughtered 77 people. Breivik claimed in his manifesto that he was a part of an international Templar organization and that he was recruited by a Serbian “Crusader Commander” in Liberia:

“I am the Norwegian delegate to the founding meeting in London, England and ordinated as the 8th Justiciar Knight for the PCCTS, Knights Templar Europe. I joined the session after visiting one of the initial facilitators, a Serbian Crusader Commander and war hero, in Monrovia, Liberia.”

While much of the press threw out the story as that of a delusional person, there has been talk about the possibility of Breivik’s story having truth. Wikileaks released a conversation between geopolitical analysts that took place in July of 2011. In this dialogue, a geopolitical specialist who served as a senior analyst for Stratfor, wrote that the meeting between the Serb and Breivik “could have just been anti-immigrant far-right neo Nazi meet that he then later interpreted” as a Knights of the Roundtable type assembly.

Another analyst in the conversation, Marko Primorac, disagrees and says “I am having trouble buying the story” since Serbs, being Eastern Orthodox, would not join a group that has the Catholic title of “Templar”. To this, Papic replies that it appears that the Serbian “Crusader” who recruited Breivik is a mercenary and that there were numerous Serbian mercenaries in Africa: “Seems to me that it is a Serbian mercenary. Would make sense. Lots of those around, especially Africa.”

Papic also recounts how “Tabloids years ago in in the region claimed that Serbian mercenaries were fighting in Liberia specifically.” While we cannot prove for certain that Breivik was a member of some Templar paramilitary, it is definitely a point of interest since he did indeed affirm that he was a part of such a group, a claim that geopolitical analyst Papic does not think should be simply thrown away as delusion. Another thing that definitely is relevant to our inquiry is the fact that there is indeed a Templar network thats headquartered in the United Kingdom and has been heavily involved in Serbia with paramilitaries in that country.

In the UK there is the Knights Templar International, led by Jim Dowson, an activist who founded the British nationalist group, Britain First, and raised large sums of money for the British National Party, the Nazi party of Britain which is led by Nick Griffin. In 2016, both Dowson and Griffin spent much of their time working to create an international network of Right-wing operators and militias, as we read in one report by Nick Lowles and Matthew Collins:

“Dowson, with former BNP leader Nick Griffin spent much of 2016 building an international network of far right parties, militia groups and religious extremists. Most worrying have been his growing links with people and organisations with links to the Russian state.” 

In 2017, Dowson and Griffen made the Hungarian capital, Budapest, their headquarters from which to spread their propaganda, in particular intensely pro-Trump and anti-Clinton memes. While in Budapest, Dowson announced that it was his mission to “spread devastating antiClinton, pro-Trump memes and sound bites into sections of the population too disillusioned with politics to have taken any notice of conventional campaigning.” Statements like this, alongside the fact that there is a link between the Kremlin and Right-wing agitators online, leads one to believe that the meme apparatus within the networks of the political underground, should not be cast off as mere joking, but to a great extent as part of a greater scheme of a questionable network. In an interview Dawson recounted:

“We had about 30 guys – 30 young Europeans, Hungarians, Serbs, Brits, Irish during the Trump election campaign. We were the guys punching out all the emotive memes. … We were producing thousands of them per week. We were reaching at one point 70 million Americans per week” 

There was an investigation that was done on Dawson’s internet activities by the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, which identified fourteen Facebook pages whose content has mainly from the Knights Templar International or associated websites. Andrej Petrovski, who took part in the investigation, stated that

“They [Knights Templar International] are using the possibilities offered by social media to micro-target people from different walks of life, from hooligans to nurses to MPs, serving them with content that is appealing to a particular group … This has resulted with over 2.5 million followers across several pages on Facebook, which is more than the followers of the UK Conservative and Labour party on Facebook combined. This number means quite a substantial reach, as the reach exponentially grows with the number of followers”

It is not surprising that in April of 2017, Dowson was banned from Hungary because, he said, he posed a “danger to national security” . Dowson and Griffin (who was also banned from Hungary), have been active in Serbia, filming numerous videos from that country going all the way back to March of 2017.

Dawson’s contacts in Serbia, including Dejan Damjnajovic, of the Order of the Dragon, and Filip Milinic, leader of Generation Identity, identified Dowson as a senior figure in the Knights Templar International. Dawson helped with advertising for the Serbian branch of Generation Identity which is headquartered in France but has quite the following in Austria under identitarian leader Martin Sellner.

Filip Milinic

“Jim [Dowson] has a reputation of being very skilled in social [media]” said Milinic. “He did offer advice and it was various useful, because now, for example, we have over 7,000 likes on Facebook.”

There is a photograph from 2016 that shows Milinic and another far-right activist Marko Gajinovic, meeting Dowson and Griffin in Belgrade for an event organized by another right-wing group, the National Serbian Front, at which Griffin spoke.

A few days later, photos were posted to the KTI’s Facebook page showing Gajinovic with various figures dressed in Templars’ clothes and holding the Templars’ and the Serbian flags.

Dowson worked with another mysterious figure, the leader of the Order of the Dragon, Dejan Damnjanovic, who confirmed that he had worked with Dowson to create a nationalist website called which had later been taken down. The site was published by Dowson’s company, TPS Media, and in the words of Damnjanovic, “It’s his [Dowson’s] company”.

Dowson and Griffin both have ties to Misa Vacic, a far-Right nationalist with some government connections. Vacic, according to a report by Balkan Insight, was “an adviser to Marko Djuric, the head of the Serbia’s Office for Kosovo, in early 2017, and invited Dowson and Griffin into the government building.”

Vacic’s connections to government was further revealed when Vacic launched a new far-right movement in 2018 called Serbian Right, and a senior member of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party was also present in the opening.

At the second major meeting for Serbian Right in February of 2018, Vacic invited Dowson, Griffin and Russian intellectual Leonid Savin, who edits the website of Konstantin Malofeev, who has been sanctioned by the US for support for pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine. In his speech for Serbian Right Dowson told the audience that they needed to work in unison to combat the threat of immigration. “The West is flooded with hordes of Islamic conquerors from the east, sixty million of them and still counting,” he said. While it is valid to have concerns about Islamic immigration, it is a matter of motivation and agenda that we have to also be concerned about.  

Talk of Templar activity in Serbia was very low, until it was mentioned by a member of the Serbian parliament, Marinika Tepic, a member of the left-wing Nova Stranka party, when she spoke openly about Dowson’s activities in Serbia and on how he was bringing tactical equipment to Serbian paramilitaries in Kosovo. Not too long after this, Tepic publicly described how she was being antagonized online by Vacic and members of Generation Identity after she exposed Dowson’s actions in parliament and his delivery of equipment to Kosovo Serbs. After she made this statement, graffiti was found on numerous walls across Belgrade against Tepic. One nationalist journalist even made a death threat against Tepic, an action for which he was due to face trial. Tepic specified of how she was informed about how these extremists were talking about her in private messages, and referred to her as “Jo” in reference to Jo Cox, a British MP who was murdered by a Right-wing fanatic in 2016. Tepic also said that she believes that that Dowson sees Serbia as his “new target”. “His words are dangerous,” she added.

In his interview with ‘The Trump Phenomenon’, Dowson detailed how while he was in Kosovo he was delivering equipment to militants: “We took a huge consignment of bullet proof vests and tactical equipment and comms equipment just a few months ago, we took them into Kosovo, which is quite hazardous, I was on that journey, I was on that convoy. … When we took them in, and of course the Western media wanted us arrested, you know, they tried to imply that I was supplying arms – look, taking arms to the Balkans is like taking arms to Texas – there is no need. … Communication equipment and sophisticated modern stuff is needed, but you don’t have to take arms to Kosovo, believe me”.

So here we have several accounts of fanatics and paramilitaries involved in Masonic ideology: there are the Templars in Mexico, the paramilitary in Germany who partakes in Masonic ritual, Serbian nationalists who work with the Knights Templar International, and the Norwegian mass shooter, Anders Breivik, claiming to have been recruited by a network of Templars; and on top of this, we also have the Christchurch shooter, Brenton Tarrant, claiming in his manifesto that while no one ordered him to massacre people in a mosque, he received a blessing from a modern day order of Templars. As Tarrant wrote: “No group ordered my attack, I make the decision myself. Though I did contact the reborn Knights Templar for a blessing in support of the attack, which was given.” 

The idea of Freemasons conspiring for revolution is not something that came out of modern air, but manifested in the 18th century when agents of revolt, who were members of Lodges, worked to overthrow the established order in France. According to Augustin Barruel, who wrote the most extensive history on Masonic involvement in the French Revolution, two days after King Louis XVI had been declared to have forfeited his throne, he was placed as a prisoner in the Tower of the Temple (which at one point belonged to the Templars of the Crusade era), and on this day the rebel assembly declared in a decree:

“We have at length succeeded, and France is no other than an immense lodge. The whole French people are Freemasons, and the whole universe will soon follow their example.” (Barruel, Memoirs, p. 2, p. 300)

Just as many of the German paramilitaries of Uniter were members of the Lodge, many of those who conspired for revolution, a great number of which were philosophers or sophists, in France were Freemasons. “Many years before the Revolution,” writes Barruel, “it was difficult to meet with a Sophister who was not a Freemason.” (Ibid, p. 368) Philosophers who were instrumental in setting the ideological underpinnings for the Revolution were also members of lodges. Voltaire, Condorcet, Dupois, Volney and Bonneville, were all Masons. Revolutionists like La Fayette, Menou, Chapellier, Bailly and Fauchet, were all members of a lodge. (Ibid, p. 369)

Just as Uniter’s leader, Andre S., worked to recruit members of the military Lodge in Potsdam to his agenda of revolution in Germany, the fanatics of the French Revolution — the Jacobins — also tried to use the military lodges in France to recruit people to join their cause. There was a French officer of La Sarre who was a member of a military lodge who recounted how a certain Mason and Jacobin named Sinetty tried to convince other Masons in the military to join the Revolution:

“We had our Lodge. It was to us, as most other regiments, a mere plaything. The trials to which the new candidates were subjected afforded to us much amusement. The Masonic feasts made us spend our leisure hours agreeably, and refreshed us from our labors. You very well understand that our Equality and Liberty was not that of the Jacobins. The greatest part and nearly the whole of the officers gave proofs of this at the Revolution. We indeed little thought of any such Revolution when an officer of infantry called Sinetty, a famous Mason, presented himself at our Lodge. He was received as a brother. At first he did not appear particular. A few days after he invited about twenty of us to meet him at a tea-garden called Bonne Aventure. A little out of Lille. We thought he wished to return the compliment of the feast we had given him, and expected a common Masonic repast, when on a sudden he holds forth, declaring he had important secrets to communicate from the Grand Orient. We listen to him; but judge of our surprise  when we heard him in the most emphatic and enthusiastic tone declare, ‘That a length of time was come, that the plans so ably conceived and so long mediated by the true Masons were on the eve of being accomplished; that the universe would be freed from its fetters; Tyrants called would be vanquished; religious superstitions would give way to light; Equality and Liberty would succeed to the slavery under which the world was oppressed; and that man would at length be reinstated in his rights.” (Ibid, p. 327)

The men in the lodge called Sinetty a madman, and so he left off to search for other lodges to recruit people. While there were of course many Masons who did not conspire for revolution and in fact combatted the Revolution, this does not change the fact that there was indeed a lodge within a lodge, or a more insidious group of Masons who truly wanted to enforce the Masonic idea of “Equality and Liberty” through bloodshed. Christopher Girtanner, a Swiss historian who wrote an in depth study on the French Revolution, speaks of two Masonic lodges that conspired for the Revolution, one of the Jacobins and one called “the Propaganda.” “The Club of the Propagandists is widely different from that of the Jacobins,” writes Girtanner, “though both frequently unite. That of the Jacobins is the grand mover of the National Assembly; that of the Propaganda aims at nothing less than being the mover of all human nature. This latter was in existence as the year 1786. The Chiefs are the Duc de la Rochefoucault, Condorcet, and Syeyes.” (Ibid, 373) 


In the old world, there was an obsession with Jerusalem. While the initial cause of the Crusades, to protect Christians, was good, it quickly escalated into an obsession with Jerusalem. The danger lies in obsession, an obsession with Jerusalem that even the Bible warns about:

And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.” (Zechariah 12:3)

An obsession with Jerusalem, a reverence for the city, leads to dangerous fixations on the Crusades, and this in turn provides the ideological atmosphere for people like Breivik. To have an obsession with Jerusalem, is to obsess with a city that St. John describes as “the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.” (Revelation 11:8) How can one revere Sodom and Egypt — which are terms to allegorically describe homosexuality and paganism — without entering a vicious psychosis?  This is, obviously, not only limited to Templars, but to Evangelicals who also obsess over the physical Jerusalem over the Jerusalem in heaven. Obsessions are very dangerous. Obsessions over immigration is also insidious as it leads to focuses on national identity. Obsessions over the economy puts money over people, and obsessions over things like abortion can clout people’s minds to make them angry with any criticism of the Republican Party’s obsession over immigration (‘the Republicans are pro-Life, so therefore you should expose them’).

Today, we have sinister forces that are exerting their utmost to establish the reign of Lucifer, all under the name of tradition. 

We see this in Greece where the Nazi party, the Golden Dawn, is ran by a satanist named Nikolaos Michaloliakos, while they appeal to Orthodox sentiments with their calls to tradition and love of ancestors. In the year 2013, the Greek journalist, Dean Kalimniou, wrote an in depth article entitled, Golden Dawn and the Devil. In this article Kalimniou recounts how before Michaloiakos entered the Greek parliament he wrote a preface for a poetry book written by Odysseus Paterakis’, a Greek occultist, titled, “The Shining Darkness of Lucifer – The National Greek Religion.” In his preface, Michaloliakos expresses his desire, not for the return of Christ, but for the coming of the kingdom of Satan which, he believes, will arrive to overthrow Christianity in Greece. Michaloiakos looks forward to the time when Satan will oust “twenty centuries of darkness,” restore “lost Paradises of old” which comprise the “future world of our dreams, which by our own Will, shall become a reality”. Michaloliakos, the leader of the nationalist Golden Dawn party, is calling for the coming of the kingdom of Lucifer.

What happens when an enemy of humanity attempts to assume the name Templar, or a character of Christianity? What we have are entities that portray themselves as Jerusalem when they are truly Sodom and Egypt (Revelation 11:8), who look like a lamb but speak like a dragon.