Over 2,500 People Died From COVID-19 In The Last 24 Hours

Barrons reports by way of Agence-France Presse that over 2500 people have died from COVID-19 in the last US 24 hours.

The United States recorded 2,502 coronavirus deaths in the past 24 hours, according to the latest real-time tally on Wednesday reported by Johns Hopkins University.

After two days of a relative easing in the toll on Sunday and Monday, the numbers have spiked again the past two days.

At least 60,853 people have now died in the country, according to the Baltimore-based university. (source)

These numbers are just getting started.

The current models are suggesting 100,000 deaths by summertime.

What does this mean by the end of summer? How many deaths can one expect to happen?

The number is not so important as the issue of the matter, which is that nobody knows how this is spreading, and that social distancing as well as staying at home is the best way to avoid making the situation even worse. I’m not saying it is fun or the best option, but is it any better to play Russian routlette with one’s life or the life of another person?

The numbers are not going to go down. They will increase, and not because of a conspiracy, but because people are getting sick and are not able be cured properly.

This will likely not go away until probably 2021-2022. It’s not going to be fun. Plagues happen. Rather, it is a good time instead of fighting and other forms of politicking, to prepare for the future, as conditions will certainly be far worse when a major war happens.

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