Trump Administration Organizes COVID-19 Strike Force To Tackle The Virus

The Trump Administration has organized a COVID-19 strike force to develop a vaccine for the virus as it continues to exacerbate conditions around the nation according to Bloomberg.

The Trump administration is quietly organizing a Manhattan Project-style effort to drastically cut the time needed to develop a coronavirus vaccine, with a goal to have 100 million doses ready by year’s end, according to two people familiar with the matter.
Called “Operation Warp Speed,” the program will pull together private pharmaceutical companies, government agencies and the military to try to cut the development time for a vaccine by as much as eight months, one of the people said.
As part of the arrangement, taxpayers will shoulder much of the financial risk that vaccine candidates may fail, instead of drug companies. (source)

Hopefully this will work, but it is not guaranteed. The virus has already spread a lot, and as it continue to mutate, it will likely become a lot harder to fight.

Instead of simply placing hope in a vaccine, the best approach right now is to maintain the procedures set up by the CDC, to avoid or minimize contact, and to used proper sanitization procedures.

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