San Jose Shooter Samuel Cassidy Confirmed To Be Accused Rapist

Samuel Cassidy, the shooter who murdered eight people in San Jose, was also an accused rapist

The San Jose shooter who murdered eight people, Samuel Cassidy, was also an accused rapist who said by his former girlfriend to be a violent, bipolar man who would force himself on her, as we read in the San Fransisco Chronicle:

The Valley Transportation Authority employee suspected of fatally shooting eight coworkers Wednesday morning before turning the gun on himself had been accused of raping and abusing an ex-girlfriend, often during violent “mood swings,” according to court records obtained by The Chronicle.
In a harrowing sworn declaration in March 2009, the woman, who was 45 at the time, described a volatile on-and-off relationship with Samuel James Cassidy, 57, that lasted about a year and ended on that Valentine’s Day when she refused to engage in anal sex with him.
Cassidy said he would travel to Monterey with his then-girlfriend, where she had booked a getaway for the pair, but only if she acquiesced to his sexual desires, the woman wrote. The Chronicle is not naming the woman because she is an alleged victim of sexual assault.
Police said Cassidy, named as the suspected shooter in several published reports, came to the transit agency’s maintenance yard in San Jose before 6:30 a.m. on Wednesday morning and shot to death eight coworkers, while wounding several others, before killing himself.