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Four Men Scream “Die Jew” At Jewish Family In Florida And Tell Him That They Will Rape His Wife And Daughter

Hatred towards Jews is ever increasing, and is only being promoted by evil people who justify their hatred by pointing to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In one recent event, four men screamed “Die Jew” at a Jewish family and threatened to rape the wife and daughter. As we read in NPR, which did an article on […]

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Bishop John Sherrington (right) is amongst a group of bishops in the UK opposing assisted suicide

Major Leaders Of The Catholic Church In Britain Give Out This Warning: ‘Do Not Fall For False Compassion And Support Assisted Suicide’

Major leaders of the Catholic Church in the UK are warning against the false compassion of those lobby for assisted suicide, as we read in CNA: Citing Pope Francis’ warnings against false compassion, the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales’ life issues chairman has criticized a new proposal to legalize assisted suicide. He emphasized the […]

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The US embassy in Vatican City hoists up the sodomite flag (right), and this is happening in the midst of a Vatican that backs Sodom

The Biden Government Of America Has The LGBT Flag Hoisted On The US Embassy In The Vatican

By Theodore Shoebat As if the sodomite agenda has not been pushed enough, the US government under Biden has the flag of Sodom hanging from the American embassy. As we read in RT: The State Department’s woke foreign policy crusade has reached the Vatican, as the US Embassy to the Holy See tripled down on […]

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