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The Taliban Conquers 27 Districts In Afghanistan

By Theodore Shoebat The Taliban has just conquered 27 districts in Afghanistan, indicating the revival of the Taliban at the advent of the US’s withdrawal from the country, as we read in DW: Since the beginning of NATO’s official troop withdrawal from Afghanistan on May 1, the Islamist militant group has taken over at least […]

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The Taliban Is Now Fighting To Takeover Afghanistan And Slaughters 24 Soldiers In Less Than An Hour

By Theodore Shoebat Now that the American power vacuum is left open, the Taliban is fighting to takeover and just slaughtered 24 soldiers in just less than an hour, as we read in the New York Times: At least 24 Afghan commandos and five police officers were killed after they were surrounded by the Taliban […]

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America’s Withdrawal From Afghanistan Will Lead To Turkish Control Over Afghanistan

By Theodore Shoebat As the reign of terror of the Taliban has revived itself at the advent of America leaving Afghanistan, I thought I would do a video expounding more on why I believe this will lead to Turkey eventually expanding militarily into the country:

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Turkey Now Wants Pakistani And Hungarian Troops To Be With Turkish Troops In Afghanistan Now That America Is Leaving The Country

By Theodore Shoebat As I said last night, Turkey keeping troops in Afghanistan to fill in the vacuum left as a result of America’s withdrawal is really the Turks taking the opportunity to expand its hegemony. What would not be surprising is if the Taliban (or some other terrorist group) started wreaking havoc in Afghanistan, […]

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