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The State Department Urges The Supreme Court To Have The Boston Bomber Put To Death. Joe Biden Says That No One Deserves The Death Penalty

The State Department recently declared that the Boston bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, should be put to death. Considering that he ignited a bomb that killed three people and severed the limbs of many other, and that he murdered a police officer, I would say that the State Department is on the right here. But, president Joe […]

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Biden Administration Admits: The Iraq War Was Not Legitimate, Presidents Do Not Have The Right To Declare Without Congress’s Approval

The Biden administration recently admitted that the Iraq War was not legitimate and presidents do not have the right to declare wars without Congress’s approval, as we read from Middle East Eye: The White House has expressed support for efforts to repeal a 2002 law that enabled the invasion of Iraq, as legislators and anti-war […]

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