Major Democrat Strategist Complains That Democrats Are Putting Transgenderism Above Helping The American People

By Theodore Shoebat

Major Democrat strategist, James Carville, just recently complained that Democrats are putting the transgender identity agenda above actually helping people, as we read in Fox News:

Veteran Democratic strategist James Carville is once again criticizing his own party for putting wokeness over its constituents.

The “Ragin’ Cajun” blamed what he called “noisy” Democrats for the party’s shaky performance in recent elections, telling CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Tuesday that people are more interested in how to improve their lives than “somebody else’s pronouns.”

“People want candidates to address their lives. Biden did a little worse, but he did better with suburban women. He did better with veterans … We did lose traction with Black voters and Hispanic voters, and I think part of that is we got identified by the defund the police and the language police, and that’s not who Biden is,” Carville said after Cuomo pointed out that in the 2020 presidential election former President Donald Trump gained ground amongst inner city voters, while President Biden gained ground within the suburbs.

“Look, this whole noisy identity left is 15% of the Democratic Party,” he added. “Two-thirds of [the Republican] party are these loony — agree with these loony insurrectionists. Yet we pay such a terrible political price for such a slightly more than fringe element of our party, where they don’t pay near the price for just totally goofy, not even on this planet part of their party. So we just have to be more effective and more determined in our communications.”