Taliban Fighters Hit The Afghan-Pakistani Border, Afghan Soldiers Flee And The Jihadists Raise Up The Flag Of The Taliban As A Show Of Victory

By Theodore Shoebat

Taliban fighters just hit the Afghan-Pakistani border and the Afghan military fled. The jihadist fighters, as a show of victory, raised up the flag of the Taliban. As we read in the BBC:

The Taliban are reported to have raised their flag above a key border post between Afghanistan and Pakistan, and claim it is now under their control.

Videos being shared on social media show the white flag fluttering above the Spin Boldak crossing near Kandahar.

Afghan officials have denied the post has fallen, although pictures on social media show the militants chatting to Pakistani border guards.

The BBC has been told the Taliban took the border crossing with no resistance.

The crossing would be a major prize – symbolically and strategically – if the Taliban continue to hold it, according to BBC correspondent Lyse Doucet.

It would give them significant customs revenue from the trade which flows back and forth and would provide direct access to areas in Pakistan, where Taliban leaders and fighters are known to have been based for many years, she says.