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Photo from the mass execution

Taliban Terrorists Round Up Twenty-Two Afghan Soldiers And Slaughter All Of Them

By Theodore Shoebat The horror in Afghanistan continues as this latest story was just recently reported. Taliban murderers slaughtered twenty-two Afghan soldiers. This very depressing story was reported by the Daily Beast: A shocking video shows Taliban fighters brutally executing 22 unarmed Afghan commandos as they held their hands up in surrender. CNN reports that […]

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women taliban

The Taliban Takes Over Huge Amounts Of Territory In Afghanistan And Orders That Each Family Give One Daughter Away To Be Married To A Taliban Fighter

The Taliban has taken over huge swathes of territory and under their rule is (of course) horror, as the jihadist gang has ordered families to give away one daughter each to a Taliban fighter, as we read in Outlook Afghanistan: In some parts of Bulkh province, the women were whipped because of not wearing chadors. […]

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james carville

Major Democrat Strategist Complains That Democrats Are Putting Transgenderism Above Helping The American People

By Theodore Shoebat Major Democrat strategist, James Carville, just recently complained that Democrats are putting the transgender identity agenda above actually helping people, as we read in Fox News: Veteran Democratic strategist James Carville is once again criticizing his own party for putting wokeness over its constituents. The “Ragin’ Cajun” blamed what he called “noisy” Democrats for the party’s […]

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Taliban Fighters Hit The Afghan-Pakistani Border, Afghan Soldiers Flee And The Jihadists Raise Up The Flag Of The Taliban As A Show Of Victory

By Theodore Shoebat Taliban fighters just hit the Afghan-Pakistani border and the Afghan military fled. The jihadist fighters, as a show of victory, raised up the flag of the Taliban. As we read in the BBC: The Taliban are reported to have raised their flag above a key border post between Afghanistan and Pakistan, and […]

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The German-Iranian Alliance And The Future War Against Israel

By Theodore Shoebat My thoughts on the historical roots of the German-Iranian alliance and how they presage a war against Israel: “He [Roosevelt] was strengthened in this [political diversion] by the circle of Jews surrounding him, who, with Old Testament-like fanaticism, believe that the United States can be the instrument for preparing another Purim for […]

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