Hindu Nationalists Gang Rape Woman And Murder 14 Members Of Her Family. Now The Indian Government Just Released Them Because They’re Good Hindus

Hindu nationalists gang raped a woman and murdered 14 members of her family. Now the rapists and murderers have been released by the Hindu nationalist government:

According to BBC:

Bilkis Bano, who was gang-raped and saw 14 members of her family being murdered by a Hindu mob during the 2002 anti-Muslim riots in the western Indian state of Gujarat, is back in the headlines.

On Monday, 11 convicts who were serving life sentences for rape and murder in the case, walked out of prison to a heroes’ welcome.

A video that has since gone viral showed the men lined up outside the Godhra jail while relatives gave them sweets and touched their feet to show respect.

The decision to free the convicts was announced by the Gujarat government on Monday, as India celebrated its 75th anniversary of independence.

The move by the state government – the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is in power in both Gujarat and nationally – has been criticised by opposition parties, activists and several journalists, who say that it goes against the rights of minority Muslims. Attacks on the community have risen sharply since the BJP formed the federal government in 2014.