Report: Ukrainians Held Down Russian Soldier And Cut Off One Of His Fingers

A report containing the testimonies of Russian soldiers who claim to have suffered under Ukrainian detainment, has a story told by one Russian about how he was held down by Ukrainians as one of them cut off his finger. As we read in RT:

Russian servicemen have alleged they endured brutal torture while being held captive by Kiev’s forces. The country’s Investigative Committee announced on Wednesday that it will be launching a criminal investigation into the abuse claims.

According to testimony published on the armed service’s official Telegram channel, Russian soldiers were subjected to merciless interrogations. One fighter alleged he was taken prisoner when he was already wounded, having had a bone in his right hand broken by a bullet. He claims that Ukrainian interrogators beat him with a shovel and with rebar, shot him in both feet, broke his jaw, several ribs and punctured his lungs.

Another soldier claimed his interrogation began with a knife stab to the leg, which caused severe bleeding that remained untreated. When his captors didn’t like his answers, they beat him with thumps and kicks, and then with a helmet or the with butt of a rifle, he alleged. After the interrogation ended, the soldier testified that he was held down by three men as a fourth cut off one of his fingers.

None of these stories are unbelievable. You can see for yourself the videos that have come out showing atrocities committed on Russians. There is the recent video showing Russian soldiers on the ground before being mass executed:

There is another recent videos showing the execution of Russian soldiers:

There is also the video from the beginning of the war showing the murder and torture of Russian POWs: