Archive | March 2, 2023

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EU Report States That Even If Ukraine Wins The War, The US Will Still Lose Its Global Supremacy

According to an EU report, even if Ukraine wins the war the US will still lose its global hegemony. As we read in Geopolitical Economy: A study by an elite European government-funded think tank found that, while the United States and Europe are growing closer together, the West is increasingly out of touch politically with […]

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Major Ukrainian Official Admits: ‘Were Going To Have To Retreat From Bakhmut,” As Russian Troops Storm The Town

A major Ukrainian official, Serhiy Rakhmanin, has admitted that eventually the Ukrainians are going to have to retreat from Bakhmut as Russian troops are currently storming the town. As we read in MSNBC: “I believe that sooner or later, we will probably have to leave Bakhmut. There is no sense in holding it at any […]

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