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The Parliament Of Uganda Declares: ‘Homosexuality Should Be Punished With Death And All Those Who Advance The Gay Agenda Should Be Punished With Imprisonment.’

The parliament of Uganda just passed a bill that punishes homosexuality with death and the advancement of the sodomite agenda with imprisonment. As we read in the Guardian: MPs in Uganda have passed a controversial anti-LGBTQ+ bill, which would make homosexual acts punishable by death, attracting strong condemnation from rights campaigners. All but two of […]

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Theodore Confronts Italian Professor Tomasso Beggio On The Death Penalty

Theodore Shoebat decided to challenge an Italian professor named Tomasso Beggio on the death penalty. Beggio was giving a lecture on the death penalty in ancient Rome for the University of Belgrade and Theodore asked him a question on reinstating the death penalty in Europe:

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Muslims Take Nineteen Christians, Murder All Of Them And Set Their Homes On Fire. They Butcher Thirty Six Other Christians And Then Murder Sixteen More, Take A Priest And Slaughter Him

In two weeks, Islamic terrorists have murdered seventy Christians in the Democratic Republic of Congo. They slaughtered thirty-six people in Mukondi, nineteen people in Kirindera village, and seventeen in Mabuku, including a priest. As we read in In just two weeks, 72 Christians have been killed in Nord Kivu, in the Democratic Republic of […]

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Muslims Ambush Five Christians As They Are Sleeping And Hack Them To Death With Machetes. They Then Ambush Five More Christians And Butcher Them With Their Blades

Muslims in Nigeria ambushed a group of five Christians as they were sleeping and hacked them to death with machetes. An alarm went off and while the murderers were on the run they ambushed another group of five Christians butchered them with their blades. As we read in CBN News: Armed militants in Nigeria have […]

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