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Former Israeli Defense Warns: ‘Israel Is One Step Away From A Civil War.’

Former Israeli Defense Minister, Benny Gantz, has warned that Israel is one step away from entering a civil war. This is being said in the midst of Netanyahu’s push to reduce the power of Israel’s highest court. As we read in the Cradle: In a series of tweets made on 17 March, former Israeli Defense […]

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Muslims Ambush Fifty-Three Farmers And Workers As They Are Harvesting Crops, And Murder All Of Them. They Then Kidnap Fifteen More Farmers And Slit Their Throats

Imagine this to yourself: farmers and their workers are out one day harvesting truffles, doing honest labor and making a living gathering for a most prized mushroom.Then, all of a sudden, they get ambushed by Islamic marauders, and all of them are slaughtered. This happened to fifty-three farmers and workers last month. And just recently, […]

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Saudi Arabia Now Wants To Normalize Ties With Syria

After a decade of Saudi Arabia having a proxy war against the Assad regime, the Saudis now want to normalize ties with the Syrian government. This is, of course, to the ire of the US government. As we read in Reuters: Syria and Saudi Arabia have agreed to reopen their embassies after cutting diplomatic ties […]

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