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Dymytro Korchynsky

Major Nazi Leader In Ukraine Declares On Ukrainian Television That After The War Russians Should Be Put Into Camps

A major nazi leader in Ukraine, Dmitry Korchinsky, declared on Ukrainian television that after the war Russians should be put into camps: Dmitry Korchinsky: Concentration camps [how it is referred to on the screen in Ukrainian] are needed for Russians to figure out what crimes were committed… they only have the right to be punished […]

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Russian Satellite State In Georgia, Abkhazia, Declares That Its Ready For Conflict With Tbilisi

The state of Abkhazia, which is an ally of Russia and which Russia considers independent of Georgia, has declared that it is ready for conflict with Tbilisi. Georgia has been in a similar situation to what Ukraine was before the war broke out. Like Ukraine, Georgia has two provinces that are pro-Russia (Abkhazia and South […]

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The Zelensky regime is persecuting the Ukrainian Orthodox Church because it is under the Moscow Patriarchate

The Ukrainian Government Makes This Order To Ukrainian Orthodox Christians: ‘All Ukrainian Orthodox Christian Monks Must Leave One Of The Most Preeminent Monasteries In Ukraine.’

The government of Ukraine has ordered that all Ukrainian Orthodox monks must leave the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra monastery, one of the most preeminent monasteries in Eastern Orthodox Christianity and the most prominent monastery in Ukraine, because they are under the Moscow Patriarchate and not under the Kiev Patriarchate. Oleksandr Tkachenko, Ukraine’s Minister of Culture and Information […]

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Major German Media Figure Reports: ‘People In Bakhmut Are Waiting For The Russians To Liberate Them.’

A major media figure in Germany, Stephen Schwarzkopf (who is a war correspondent for Welt, a major German newspaper), has said that the people in Bakhmut are waiting for the Russians to liberate them. As we read in Global Euro News: Journalist Schwarzkopf: there are people in Artemivsk who are waiting for Russia to come […]

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