Archive | March 8, 2023

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Georgian Political Scientist Reports: ‘CIA Is Behind Riots In Georgia And Is Stirring Up A Civil War, This Is Another Maidan. Georgian Mercenaries Have Returned From Ukraine To Back The Overthrowing Of The Government.’

Georgian political scientist, Shota Apkhaidze, has said today that the CIA is behind the riots in Georgia, that its a second Maidan, and that it is stirring up a civil war, and also that Georgian mercenaries have returned from Ukraine to Georgia to radicalize the rioters and back a revolution. As we read in United […]

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Five Thousand Christians Were Slaughtered In Nigeria In The Year 2022 Alone

For years Christians in Nigeria have been butchered by Islamic fundamentalists. A recent report states that in the year 2022 alone, 5,000 Christians were killed in Nigeria. As we read in CNA: “Oh, what sorrow to have watched three of my parishioners shot dead in cold blood, right before my eyes — and I couldn’t […]

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