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The President Of Israel Declares This Warning: “Israel Is In The Throes Of A Profound Crisis. Anyone Who Thinks That A Real Civil War, Of human life, Is A Line That We Will Not Reach Has No idea. The Abyss is within touching distance.”

Christ was the fullness of Humanity. When the Jewish religious order had Him crucified, they murdered Humanity itself. Thus, Israel, like Judas, will eventually destroy itself. Even the president of Israel, Isaac Herzog, warned: “Israel is in the throes of a profound crisis. Anyone who thinks that a real civil war, of human life, is […]

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Ante Pavelic (right), the leader of the Croatian nazi government which killed hundreds of thousands of Serbs. Pavelic escaped to Argentine after the Second World War

Ukrainian and Croat mass murderers both escaped justice

In the phenomena of Ukrainian and Croatian nationalism, we find that both Ukrainian and Croatian nationalists did horrific massacres. Croatian nazis (Ustashas) butchered hundreds of thousands of Serbs, and Ukrainian nationalists butchered around a hundred thousand Poles. Croatian mass murderers, by the tens of thousands, escaped justice. The main orchestrator of the massacre of the […]

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