Islamic Terrorists In Syria Murder Two Hundred And Forty Farmers In Seventy Days

Islamic terrorists in Syria murdered 240 truffle farmers in Syria in just a 70 day period. As we read in Middle East Eye:

Over a 70-day period up to mid-April, around 240 truffle hunters were killed in eastern Syria, according to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights activist group.

“It’s really exciting work despite all the deadly risks,” said Omar, using a pseudonym due to security concerns.

Officials and media reports have placed the blame for the deaths on landmines and the Islamic State group (IS), which has sleeper cells in the area.

But over two months, truffle hunters, residents and relatives of the victims told MEE that Iranian-backed militias were also to blame, slaughtering people collecting truffles over disputes around extortion and territory.

The largest single attack was in the desert around western Syria’s Homs, when 53 members of the Bani Khaled tribe were shot dead in April while searching for truffles.