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Hundreds Of People In South Korea, Tired Of The LGBT Agenda, Block Trucks For Pride Parade

Hundreds of people in the South Korean city of Daegu, tired of the LGBT agenda, blocked trucks for an annual pride parade, as we read in the BBC: Officials in South Korea’s southern Daegu city have tried to stop an annual LGBT pride festival from taking place, leading to clashes with the police. Officers had […]

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The Biden Administration Warns China: ‘We Will Surround China.’ The Chinese Government Tells America: ‘We Will Fight Back, No Matter The Cost.’

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin III recently told China’s Minister of National Defense Li Shangfu that the US will continue to surround China, to which Shangfu responded that China will fight back no matter the cost. The statements were made at the Shangri-La luxury hotel in Singapore. As we read in The Nation: In their […]

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