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Christian Business In Texas Declares: ‘If Any Of Our Employees Engage In Homosexuality, They Will Be Fired.’ Homosexuals Get Angry And The Court Sides With The Christian Business

A Christian business made a rule that if any of its employees partake in homosexuality they will be fired. While this angered homosexuals, the court sided with the Christian business. As we read in Reuters: A Christian-owned wellness center is exempt from the federal law prohibiting employers from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation […]

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The LGBT Movement Is Angry At Kenya For Wanting To Enact Capital Punishment On Pedophiles

In Kenya, if a homosexual man sodomizes a minor, he is to be given the death penalty, according to a new bill that has yet to be passed. Disturbingly, for a state to enact the death penalty on pedophiles is now considered “draconian” by the mainstream media. According to Reuters: Weeks after Uganda enacted one […]

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Major Polish General Warns: The Ukrainians Have Made Themselves Open Targets

A major Polish general, Waldemar Skshipczak, has warned that the Ukrainians have made themselves open targets, as we read in News Front: The failures of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the counterattack show their poor preparation, the Wirtualna Polska portal has reported, quoting former Polish Army General Waldemar Skshipczak. “The way the Ukrainians are trying […]

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