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THE LGBT IS RAGING: Homosexual Activists Try To Force Christian Business To Serve Gay Weddings. She Refuses And The Supreme Court Sides With The Christian And Not The Gays

A victory for Christians in America was made today thanks to the Supreme Court (and really, thanks to Trump for appointing the judges to make a conservative majority). Homosexuals wanted a Christian woman web designer to make websites for gay weddings. The Supreme Court, thankfully, sided with the Christian, as we read in CNN: The Supreme […]

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The Government Of China Cracks Down On The LGBT Movement, Arrests Gay Organizers And Outlaws Pride Rallies

For decades we have been hearing about how China is “communist,” yet they are more conservative than we are, cracking down on the LGBT cult and arresting gay activists and banning “pride” rallies, as we read in BBC: While celebrations were held around the world for Pride month, there were no major LGBT events in […]

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