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Former American Intelligence Officer Predicts: ‘The Fighting In Ukraine Will Stop By Late Summer Or Early Autumn.’

A former US intelligence officer has predicted that fighting in Ukraine will stop on late summer or early autumn, as we read in RIA: The main phase of hostilities in Ukraine will end by autumn, retired American intelligence officer Scott Ritter said on the air of the US Tour of Duty YouTube channel . According […]

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The Russian Government Blocks Forty-Eight Australians From Entering Its Country Because They Are Anti-Russian

The government of Russia has blocked forty-eight Australian citizens from entering its country for being anti-Russia, as we read in RIA: Moscow has banned entry for 48 Australians who form an anti-Russian agenda, the Foreign Ministry website reported . “Entry to our country is closed indefinitely for an additional 48 Australians from among the contractors […]

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Man Stalks His Own Father, Then Hits Him In The Head With A Piece Of Iron, Stabs Him In The Neck And Then Slits His Throat. The Government Gives The Murder An Instant Death Sentence

A Saudi man stalked his own father, hitting him over the head with an iron piece, stabbing him in the neck and slitting his throat. The Saudi government gave him an instant death sentence. As we read in CNN Arabic: Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Saudi Ministry of Interior announced, on Tuesday, that […]

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The Polish Government Tells The EU: ‘Don’t Allow Ukraine Into The European Union Until It Allows The Exhumation Of The Corpses Of Poles Murdered By Ukrainian Nationalists.’

The Polish government has stated recently that the EU should not allow Ukraine into the European Union until it allows for the exhumation for the corpses of Poles murdered by Ukrainian nationalists. As we read in Polskie Radio: According to Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Paweł Jabłoński, the case of the Volyn crime should be […]

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Poland’s Sacrifice To Ukraine: Ukrainians Refuse To Exhume Poles Murdered by Nazis

Poland has been the biggest European ally to Ukraine. After thousands of Poles have volunteered to fight for Ukraine, after Poland has given so much aid and weapons, and after Poland has taken in millions of Ukrainian refugees, Ukraine still refuses to exhume the corpses of Poles murdered by Ukrainian fascists:

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