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Turkey Will Be Deploying Troops To Kosovo. This Is All About Gaining Control Over The Balkans

Turkey will be deploying troops to Kosovo to supposedly bring order to the region, as we read in Middle East Eye: The Turkish defence ministry announced on Saturday that it was deploying special forces to Kosovo at the request of Nato as part of a peacekeeping mission. Turkey is sending a commando battalion affiliated to […]

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Nearly 100,000 Israelis Take To The Streets To Protest Against Netanyahu

Nearly 100,000 people protested against Netanyahu’s judicial policy, as we read in the Middle East Eye: Tens of thousands of demonstrators thronged Tel Aviv and other Israeli cities on Saturday for the 22nd consecutive week to protest against a controversial plan to reform Israel’s judicial system. The government’s reform proposals would curtail the authority of […]

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Islamic Terrorists In Syria Murder Two Hundred And Forty Farmers In Seventy Days

Islamic terrorists in Syria murdered 240 truffle farmers in Syria in just a 70 day period. As we read in Middle East Eye: Over a 70-day period up to mid-April, around 240 truffle hunters were killed in eastern Syria, according to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights activist group. “It’s really exciting work despite […]

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