Christians In California Fight Against Homosexual Education In Schools And Fight Gay Activists On The Street

Parents have been fighting against the homosexualization of children in California education. In a recent protest, things even went to blows. The Las Angeles Times reported:

A fight erupted outside a North Hollywood elementary school Friday morning as more than 100 parents rallied against a Pride Day assembly, bringing to a head weeks of turmoil that saw a transgender teacher’s LGBTQ+ Pride flag burned.

Parents who said they were protesting against teaching elementary school children about LGBTQ+ people held up signs outside Saticoy Elementary School with messages that included “No pride in grooming,” “Parental choice matters” and “Leave our kids alone.” Across the street, about 100 counterprotesters gathered in support of LGBTQ+ rights and education.

Throughout the morning, police tried to separate the two sides as tensions mounted. Shortly before noon, violence broke out.

Things went to blows:

I’ve noticed that these parents are Armenian-Americans. The Armenians, like the Africans and Slavs, are much more zealous against Sodom than the average American population. This is why America needs certain foreigners from outside of the American culture, to observe the problems from the outside to let the people who are fully native to America know what their dysfunction is. A fish doesn’t know that its wet. It takes someone from the outside of chaos to let those accustomed to chaos know the insanity they are in.