Palestinian Terrorists Open Fire And Murder Four People In Israel

Palestinian terrorists opened fire and murdered four people in Israel in the most recent terror attack in the country, as we read in the New York Times:

Two Palestinian gunmen shot and killed four Israeli civilians on Tuesday afternoon outside a Jewish settlement in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, the Israeli military said, in the deadliest attack on Israelis since January.

The shootings occurred at a restaurant and gas station next to the settlement of Eli, about 25 miles north of Jerusalem, video showed. An Israeli civilian shot and killed one of the assailants, a Palestinian from a nearby Arab town, and a second attacker was later shot in his getaway vehicle after a manhunt, security officials said.

Hamas, the Islamist militia and political movement that controls the Gaza Strip, said that the attackers had been members of its armed wing and described the violence as a response to recent Israeli airstrikes on Gaza, police raids on a mosque in Jerusalem and military incursions in the northern West Bank.

The Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said in a statement: “Our forces are now working on the ground in order to settle accounts with the murderers. In recent months, we have already proven that we do settle accounts with all of the murderers, without exception. Those who have attacked us are either in the grave or in prison, and so it will be here.”