The Tides Are Turning Against The LGBT Agenda

The acolytes of Sodom make ready for war; they surround the sanctuaries, thirsty to burn down the icons of God; their flags are raised embellished with the colors of heaven’s bow, to mock the promise made to man that never again would the earth be destroyed by a flood. Against Sodom rises the nations who honor the promise, and do not scoff at the shades of God’s bow, but uphold the sacred bow with the arrow of the Spirit pulled back, aimed at the abysmal demons who advance Sodom’s religion. The flags of two armies — of two cities — are raised up, waving to the winds of the collective souls that face each other in cosmic struggle. One city is possessed with a wind that runs aimless; pride is its banner, and its fabric is stained with the blood of order which it wars against; it is like clouds without water, late autumn trees without fruit, twice dead, pulled up by the roots (Jude 1:12), speaking oppression and revolt (Isaiah 59:13), it seeks to tyrannize those who follow the order of creation, to destroy those who refuse to conform to the law of Sodom, who seek to topple their hellish multicolored flag and tear it asunder. The city that does not conform to, but confronts, Sodom, has its flag hoisted, and it forces the fall of this wicked city. 

Never have I seen such a backlash against the agenda of Sodom. Ten years ago, when we first began speaking against the LGBT agenda, we received very little support but much hatred. Now, it seems that the tide is changing. Every video on Uganda’s anti-LGBT agenda laws are dominated with comments in support of Uganda. The nations are witnessing a major rift, sparked by the rise of the ‘transgender’ hysteria, with the ebb and flow of the world seeing  a move against the homosexual movement. For example, in 2013 the Ugandan parliament passed a law banning the promotion of homosexuality; but in 2014 Uganda cancelled the law in the face of pressure from Western nations who threatened to cut aid off from the African nation. But now, Uganda completely ignores such pressure and has passed the law. What happened? What happened is that China is now the biggest investor in Africa. The Ugandan anti-homosexual law, and all the African countries who are following its example, is a sign of America losing its influence in the world. Russia and China resist NATO’s homosexual agenda, and both these countries are vying with America over Africa.

African countries are against the homosexual cult, and since China has been beating the US in this continent, Africans can freely pass laws against Sodom and not worry about America’s pressure. Russia is against Sodom while NATO is advancing Sodom. Thus, the rise of Russia in Africa is a lost for the Sodom of NATO. This is just one sign of the crippling of Sodom. Bud Light put a crossdresser on its can and lost huge revenue. Bloomberg has just reported that “For the first time in years, company mentions of “Pride Month” and other LGBTQ terms were on the decline in regulatory filings and earnings calls … References to “Pride Month” in filings, presentations and transcripts from April to June at more than 900 of the largest US companies dropped almost 40% from this time last year, the first decline in five years.”  The companies know that there is an outrage against the promotion of Sodom. Bob Witeck, a consultant who helps companies such as Walmart Inc. and Marriott International Inc., stated that “We’re in a toxic stew of a backlash against LGBTQ people, primarily trans people”. Witeck also said, in regards to companies backing “Pride month”: “they were less vocal about it.”

What is truly amazing — and disturbing — is that in the midst of this watershed moment of the tide turning against Sodom, the Vatican (which is suppose to be God’s institution against the forces of Sodom) is supporting Sodom and expressing itself against anti-LGBT legislation. In February of 2023, Pope Francis spoke out against laws prohibiting the promotion of homosexuality, as we read in the BBC:

“Pope Francis and the leaders of Protestant churches in England and Scotland have denounced the criminalisation of homosexuality. Speaking to reporters after visiting South Sudan, the Pope said such laws were a sin and “an injustice”. He added people with “homosexual tendencies” are children of God and should be welcomed by their churches.His comments were backed by the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Moderator of the Church of Scotland.” 

In January of 2023, Pope Francis condemned anti-Sodom laws, stating “Being homosexual isn’t a crime”. How contrary is the Bishop of Rome to the first Bishop of Rome (alongside St. Peter), St. Paul who described homosexuals as “knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death” (Romans 1:32). There is a wave against Sodom and the Vatican is siding not with the tide that is refusing to conform to the demands of the LGBT, but has decided to sympathize with Sodom. What has happened to the Vatican, but that it has joined the fold of Sodom? Meanwhile in Russia, sex-change operations are prohibited. Rome was to continue on holding the mantel of Israel, but now that torch is held by Russia and the African nations that are resisting the imperialism of disorder and confusion.