Christians In Georgia Attack LGBT Rally And Chase Gay Activists Out

Christians in Georgia confronted and went against an LGBT rally and chased the gay activists out, as we read in RIA:

In Tbilisi, LGBT opponents broke through the police cordon on Lake Lisi, where the Pride Week festival was to be held, broadcast by Georgian television companies.

“Law enforcement officers failed to protect the territory,” the organizer of the NGO “Tbilisi Pride” said, adding that they had to leave the territory of the event.

According to local media, LGBT opponents destroyed the fortified stage and stage equipment, and burned part of the inventory. Having broken through the police cordon, they also tried to meet with members of the Tbilisi Pride, but they were no longer there.

Tbilisi Pride is part of NATO’S advancement of Sodom. Looking at their funders, this is quite obvious:

The National Endowment for Democracy is funded primarily by an annual allocation from the U.S. Congress. So the anger against the LGBT movement is part of the movement against NATO, because where NATO is, there is the push for Sodom.