Joe Biden Goes Against Ukrainian Membership In NATO, And Warns That If Ukraine Joins NATO The USA Will Have To Go To War With Russia

President Joe Biden has gone against NATO membership for Ukraine, warning that such a thing would obligate the US to have a war with Russia, as we read in AIF:

In an interview with CNN, the American leader said that NATO membership is premature for Ukraine. And even after the war, Kyiv can only count on military assistance like Israel. According to him, the alliance will be able to consider the issue of Ukraine’s accession only after the end of the conflict.

“I’m not sure that there is unanimity in NATO about whether to accept Ukraine into the alliance or not now, in the midst of the conflict. But if we did, we would be determined to fulfill our obligation to protect every inch of NATO territory. We would be at war with Russia if that were the case,” Biden said.

Instead of NATO, Biden says, the United States is ready to provide Ukraine with security guarantees along the lines of the Israeli model.

“The United States will be ready to provide assistance as long as this process continues after the war. We are ready to provide assistance in the field of security, such as we provide to Israel. We are ready to provide the weapons we need to defend ourselves,” the US President said.