German Journalist Warns: ‘Germany Could Go Back To Nazism.’

German journalist named Stefan Huth has warned that Germany could go back to Nazism, as we read in Junge Welt:

During the Cold War, units of the OUN fought against the Soviet Union as the USA’s stay-behind killer squads – often rubbing shoulders with German Nazis, who had been given a second career in the Federal Intelligence Service and other functional apparatuses of West-bound German imperialism. In addition, the OUN formed the spearhead of an “anti-communist international” that was pushing for an ultimate bloc confrontation: “A third world war will come because it is inevitable,” said Bandera’s deputy Yaroslav Stezko in 1950.

This prophecy may prove self-fulfilling in the present of the escalating Ukraine war. Not least against the background that influential Ukrainian fascists had formed a “resistance movement against the capitulation” led by Azov in 2019 and threatened that Zelensky would “hang from a tree” if he initiated a peace process with Russia.

As currently the second most important war sponsor, which upgrades and trains the de facto fascist military to NATO standards, Germany could again play a key role when it comes to pursuing Bandera’s dream, which was dashed in 1943 with the defeat in Stalingrad: the final “eradication” of “Sovietophilia ‘ in Ukrainian society and, as OUN military theorist Mikhail Kolodzinsky once put it, to wage a ‘cruel war’ to ‘trample enemy countries’ on whose ‘ruins’ a Greater Ukrainian Empire can be built.

In Germany today, such signs of a dark future have long been ignored or deliberately downplayed by the majority of the left-wing opposition, which has largely been neutralized by NATO corporatism. Politicians from the Left Party who see themselves as “progressive” act as megaphones for the revisionist foreign policy of the traffic light government and defame every warning from anti-fascists, no matter how well-founded, as “Kremlin propaganda”. As far as the nature of the forces in power in Kiev is concerned alone, according to Stefan Huth, there is such “holy confusion” in the left that “some even join Nazi battalions in Ukraine to put up supposedly anti-fascist resistance against Russia”.