Woman In Belgium Declares That She Wants To Die. The Doctors Give Her Poison, But Not Enough To Kill Her. So They Smother Her To Death With A Pillow

A woman in Belgium who wanted to die was given poison but not enough to kill her. So the doctors had her suffocated to death. As we read in Kresy:

In Belgium, during euthanasia, a woman was given too little lethal drugs and the medics present at the scene decided that in this situation they would suffocate her with a pillow. The case went to the prosecutor’s office.

The case concerns an event from March 2022, but it was only recently reported by the Belgian media, including the 7sur7 and RTL Info portals , to which PAP refers. According to this information, in the city of Oupeye, a 36-year-old woman named Alexina, suffering from cancer and in a critical condition, decided that she wanted to die. She chose euthanasia. The Belgian had a teenage daughter. From the context, she was clearly a lesbian, as some media reports say she had a partner who she “married”.

Euthanasia was to be carried out at the end of March last year in the woman’s apartment by a doctor and two nurses assisting him. However, according to media reports, the woman was given too little lethal drugs.

“The procedure did not go as planned. End-of-life products were not enough and a pillow had to be used,” writes 7sur7. The portal also reported that the prosecutor’s office was informed about the incident only two days before the funeral. The source was supposed to be one of the nurses present there – relatives did not want to be present at the euthanasia itself. The medical examiner who examined the bodies stated that their condition “indicated signs of strangulation”.