Liberal CNN Host Baffled by British Muslim’s Views

On the heels of an interview between Sean Hannity and British Muslim Anjem Choudary, CNN’s liberal host of Reliable Sources Brian Stelter interviewed Choudary and ended up completely shocked by what he was hearing. Choudary is of the Salafi brand of Islam that doesn’t rely on the very effective stealth jihadist tactics to push its agenda.

At the beginning of the interview, Stelter referenced the beheading of James Foley and challenged Choudary to condemn it; the Muslim guest would not. As has reported, Foley was likely betrayed by the Syrian opposition he seemed to support. While Stelter didn’t bring that up, he was visibly disturbed that Choudary had no interest in distancing himself from Foley’s murderers.

As a rule, liberals generally align with Islam and its proponents against conservatives. Stealth jihadists have masterfully exploited this tendency as well by talking up issues like diversity, interfaith dialogue, social justice, etc. In reality, what such jihadists actually adhere to secretly is what Choudary espouses out in the open. Realizing this is the very difficult next step people like Stelter will have to take one day.

Nonetheless, at several points during this exchange, Stelter is visibly taken aback by what Choudary is saying. At the beginning of the interview, Stelter alluded to Choudary’s interview with Hannity while hinting that he was going to have a more reasoned discussion with less shouting. There may have been fewer instances of Stelter and Choudary talking over one another than what happened with Hannity but by the end of the interview, Stelter was admittedly speechless (h/t WZ):



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