British Muslim says ISIS has Shown ‘Leniency’ by Giving Victims a Choice

Former British Boxer Anthony Small (aka Abdul Haqq) has made a seven minute video in which he justifies ISIS going after non-Muslims by saying all the victims had to do was accept Islam. He also repeatedly says he doesn’t “condone or condemn terrorism”.

You see, in Mr. Small’s mind, not accepting Islam is apparently itself an attack on Islam and that by not condoning or condemning terrorism, he is remaining “objective” and “unbiased”.

While presenting his case in such a way that he is actually defending ISIS, Small says that non-Muslims are given a simple choice between conversion or dhimmitude. The implication is that it’s a no-brainer:

“If you feel you do not want to live under such an authority that’s going to benefit you in this manner, and you wish to confront and fight against us and not accept these laws, then we will fight you…”

Small then catches himself and says,

“…or they will fight you.”

Got that?

If someone doesn’t want to convert to Islam or be part of a persecuted class (dhimmi), Islam is being attacked… objectively speaking.

That is the same brand of moral equivalency that puts Hamas launching rockets into Israel from schools and hospitals on the same level as the IDF, which takes out these installations after issuing multiple warnings for people to leave.

Throughout the video, Small mocks beheaded journalist James Foley as being Mr. Kaffir (Infidel) but of course, Mr. Small is just being objective:

This figure appears to come from the Anjem Choudary school of speech in which you take the side of terrorists while not doing so blatantly enough to get arrested.

Until western civilizations grasp the concept and reality that this guy and Choudary are enemies of the state who should be arrested / deported, they will neither understand nor defeat the threat.


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