Archive | December 30, 2012

Ten Years later… and beyond

In July of 2003, I met Walid Shoebat. I was listening to a live broadcast from Israel National Radio, The Tovia Singer show. This was Walid’s very first interview he had done as an invited guest. While I was listening I knew that he would be an important person to help in exposing the truth […]

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Morsi, The Common Tyrant

By Theodore Shoebat Muhammad Morsi is right now doing what any tyrant would do: use the emotions of the people to comply with what you want. In his address to to the senate, Morsi blamed the decrease in tourism (from which Egypt’s economy thrives) on his opposition, who “violated the peacefulness of politics”. This accusation […]

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Hillary Healed!!… Just in time to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in the Dominican Republic

Click here for an update to the post below. —— The credibility of John Bolton’s comment that Hillary Clinton’s decision not to testify in front of Congress about Benghazi on December 20th was the result of a ‘Diplomatic Illness’ just got another shot in the arm. As the world has been kept in the dark […]

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