The Black Flag of Islam already Flies on top of the White House

By Keith Davies

The high-information voters know that the objective of Islamic fundamentalists is world domination. The prominent Islamic Imam Abu Islam has said as much on Egyptian television. There are several examples of UK Islamic supremacist Anjem Choudary of Great Britain saying at both his rallies and in mainstream media interviews on USA and British television that the “Flag of Islam will fly over the White House.”

Here is Abu Islam…

Here is Bill O’Reilly in an exchange with Charles Krauthammer, laughing at Choudary after playing a clip of Choudary’s comments made to ABC’s Christiane Amanpour. Note how O’Reilly says the only way a black flag will fly over the White House is by force. That’s exactly what the Muslim Brotherhood forces in the U.S. want westerners to believe, in part, because their plans to do so do not involve force. In this sense, O’Reilly is being deceived.

Based on what we have uncovered with Mama Sarah Obama Foundation (MSOF), President Obama’s brother Malik Obama’s fake charities that support terror and the US foreign policy that has set up the Middle East to empower Turkey and recreate the Caliphate would suggest a pattern of major support for the Islamic agenda. We also know that Libya’s Colonel Kaddafi was a very popular leader in Libya and the Muslim Brotherhood only commanded at most ten per cent support amongst the people of Libya yet Obama empowered Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood to take over that country. Obama betrayed Hosni Mubarak the president of Egypt who was a long time ally and maintained the peace with Israel as well as the President Obama unwillingness to support the Iranian people in overthrowing the Mullahs. This, along with the behavior of Barrack Hussein Obama, would seem to indicate that the Black Flag of Islam is already flying over the White House.

President Obama has governed as much as he can, just like a Muslim Caliph might govern. Obama was a Constitutional scholar so for him to act in such a way is even more troubling because of all people, he should know what the Constitution states and how a legitimate president can act or not act. However, this is exactly what Barack Obama intended all along; he was studying our Constitution so he could best understand his enemy – the United Sates of America. Understanding the agenda of our Islamic enemies is something we as country have failed to do.

It is now apparent to anyone who has an ounce of intellectual honesty (hopefully that is at least 65% of the country) that this President has been and continues to be completely dishonest with the American people and he employs people who are also prepared to lie and cover for him. The latest outrage (outrages are happening almost daily now) is that Susan Rice – former UN ambassador who was sent out to lie on five Sunday talk shows about a YouTube video being behind the attacks in Benghazi – has just been rewarded with the position of National Security advisor to his Highness. If Susan Rice had any personal integrity, she would seek to distance herself from this President based on how she was set up by both her President and her old boss at the State Department – the 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who is another disgraceful purveyor of lies. Rice has proven to be loyally to the President as she now accepts the consolation prize of National Security Adviser after being turned down for Secretary of State. If you lie for his Highness to save him for his reelection you will get rewarded big time.

Rice didn’t just do that though; she lied on a matter of national security and now she will be the National Security Advisor.

Attorney General Eric Holder should have been dumped along time ago for his Fast and Furious lies but Obama needs his willing liars to do his bidding so he stands by them for as long as he can so he can advance his real agenda, which is to weaken the United Sates so its enemies can dominate us. The promotion of Susan Rice also sends a message to those who have been pushing for Holder’s resignation; that message seems to be that Holder isn’t going anywhere.

Obama is doing a fabulous job up to now. Now that the gullible public is starting to wake up courtesy of the IRS scandal, which is the one scandal that Americans can really identify with as it affects their own personal liberty. Hopefully, we as a nation, can finally rid ourselves of the first President of the United States who was born Muslim and carries out policies to benefit the Islamic agenda. Yasser Arafat was an active supporter of terror, a deceiver, a thief and a money launderer as well as a liar, so does the current president more resemble Yasser Arafat or Abraham Lincoln? I know which one he resembles but when will enough of the American public awaken to the same conclusion?


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  • sumsrent

    So many excellent comments in this article!

    1) Barack Obama intended all along; he was studying our Constitution so he could best understand his enemy – the United Sates of America.

    2) If you lie for his Highness to save him for his reelection you will get rewarded big time.

    3) Hopefully, we as a nation, can finally rid ourselves of the first President of the United States who was born Muslim and carries out policies to benefit the Islamic agenda.

    The one thing I would think about is…
    I believe the citizens of America are being programmed to revolt in an “Arab Spring” way.

    Why? Because they want Martial Law… and to confiscate your guns and give ya a false sense of freedom.

    Our fake great leader known as Reagan signed into law the Rex 84 program which Bush expounded on after 9/11/2001. Since then… Barrack Hussein has run with it, virtually making the presidency a dictatorship.

    The satanic 10 square mile layout of Washington D.C. is about as American as three dollar bill. The interests of the Luciferian are all about a One World Sharia compliant, all encompassing Economic System which incorporates everything anyone does or wants to do, worldwide.

    The main objective for Muslims is to conquer the world and cause everyone to be in submission to Islam. And that means silencing opposition.

    America is considered the Great Satan in the Islamic World. Not only because we permit our woman to dress in a way that Muslims consider inappropriate… but because some leaders have aided Israel, who is considered the Little Satan in the Islamic World.

    Ironically… America has voted against Israel in so many UN resolutions… it’s like having a friend stab you in the back while they pat you on the shoulder and invite you out for dinner to poison you.

    See… I question whether the Luciferian Globalists aiding Islam have supported Israel just enough all this time to keep feeding the anger in the Islamic World against America. Think about that…

    America needs to fail and fall, in order to make room for Sharia Islam.

    Take a look at all the new television shows… revolting… revolting against government… revolt, revolt, revolt…

    This revolution type of brainwashing is setting up the people in America to do away with our Constitution and open the door for Islam to walk in as the hero with the solution.

    We’re being played… with our own money used against us.

    The UN is Muslim… research how Ban Ki Moon was about to be ousted unless he conformed to the Islamic wishes of the UN. Guess what way he bent?

    Besides… Washington isn’t invading these countries… they’re aiding them.

    Barrack Hussein clearly said… this is not a war against Islam.

    And the evidence is clear that America’s dumb downed, failing ways are crumbling to the Neo-Nazi’s, Occucommies and Islam. Who are all in cohoots with each other! So how is Washington, or any American on this earth, think that our system is the answer? It’s NOT.

    If anything… we’ve been a test market alongside Communism for the NWO of Islam.

    The banking system is failing… the educational system is failing… the housing system is failing… the free enterprise system is failing… the religious system is failing… the Justice system is failing… national and international systems are failing…

    Basically everything is failing… you know it and everyone here knows it. That’s all we hear about is how everyone hates the way things are and how we need to revolt.

    So how can anyone actually believe our system works? Or be the NWO answer for the world? Or being forced upon the world as the NWO system? Nobody can.

    It’s has been positioned to fail, so the new Islamic system can replace it.

    1) The Luciferian Globalists and the Muslims are working together…
    2) Muslims believe democracy is short lived. Duh…
    3) The Globalists are duping the masses into believing Democracy is being introduced around the world as a good thing.
    4) The Muslims are happy to take on Democracy… in secret>>> only for a period long enough to bring in Sharia Law.
    5) The masses are duped into believing that Americas Democracy is what the Muslims want, when Muslims consider America the Great Satan… and half of the American citizens in the USA hate America… go figure…
    6) Islam is an antichrist totalitarian government… perfect for controlling the masses in a one world economic system… smaller government because the people take matters into their own hands. They have the Quran as their source of justice.

    Let’s put it another way…

    What we have here… is… too many are convinced America is bad… corporations, banks, government, etc. Many even believe it’s best to just do away with the entire system. Not thinking about what to replace it with.

    But yet…

    Somehow… amazingly… they believe America is in the Middle East to spread our failing system of democracy and force it upon the Muslims.

    Many believe the system they live in sucks… but somehow believe that America is out there spreading Democracy for the betterment of the world.

    Are they messed up in their hypocritical thinking or what?


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  • Winston

    Having grown very tired and weary of listening to Bill O’Reilly bloviate in his pomposity can only help his audience realize his strings are pulled by the White House or George Soros. O’Reilly is so misled by his Roman Catholic pride and self-delusion. The Vatican has already had discussions with Islamic leadership for a “mutual understanding” between the two religious cults. Roman Catholicism does NOT represent Biblical Christianity.

    • Shirley Anne


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  • totallydomestic

    Can’t stand O Reily! Bi-political. I don’t believe his ratings are better than Hannity.
    Just a conniving blowhard. Will do anything to get interview with BO.
    Krauthammer, thinks he is the smartest person in the room,
    but is WOEFULLY NAIVE.