American Christian Attitude Towards Gays

By Walid Shoebat

My Q and A with a hypothetical, homosexual apologist…

Hypothetical homosexual apologist: A two-part question, if I might. If a homosexual accepts Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, would this person be forgiven? Assuming this person turned his / her life around and never engaged in homosexual behavior again, would he / she be in the kingdom of God?

Me: I learned long ago that it’s best to answer a question with a Jesus-style question. If Muslim terrorists came to your neighborhood, after which they accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and extinguished their desire to kill you, would this person be forgiven? I presume your answer would be YES.

Now, since not all terrorists will accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, would you then like to take a chance, having them stick around your neighborhood while you hope that someday they do accept Jesus?

How about child molesters? Drug pushers? Gangs?

After all, they all need Jesus.

How about we welcome the whole enchilada into your neighborhood – terrorists, child molesters, drug pushers, gangs, and to top it all some Charles Manson-style psychopaths who just came out of prison?

After all, some might accept Jesus, right?

Hypothetical homosexual apologist: But gays are nice.

Me: O I see. Gays are nice? Well, here is an example of what you would be dealing with when you witness to a Homosexual Community:

There are only two ways to deal with Gays, your Western Method which you just reviewed, Or the Russian Method:

Me: Anymore questions?


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  • thejonno

    Mr Shoebat,

    Are you actually suggesting that the Lord wants us to use the Russian method depicted to punish sinners? I can understand there is much animus to Christians in the homosexual sodomite community. Yet as long as they are not being violent to those trying to minister, they should not be violently engaged upon. Many within the sin of homosexuality have been beaten up by punks of all stripes, Christian or otherwise. This and all other sexual sin is not the same as a terroristic threat. It threatens the participant since they sin against their own bodies, but does not pose a direct threat to others except in the case of real or attempted rape.

    • Ted

      Q: Are you actually suggesting that the Lord wants us to use the Russian method depicted to punish sinners?

      A: No, I would like them to all to congregate in your neighborhood so you could witness to them with love.

      • chriss179


        Yes, especially those homosexuals that will put their hands over the verses in the bible in which god calls their behavior detestable or an abomination in his sight and demand the person to be punished.

        Oh I do have my sins. And every person has. But the person in Luke 11:26 kept inviting more and more evil spirits to live with him. Instead of cleaning up his house, the household grew into a legion of unclean spirits.

        Now the culmination of that behavior eventually will result in your depiction of events. And the righteous can do little to prevent the violence in the end. It will happen. These unclean spirits will destroy that house in the end and if you are near they might as well bring you down with that person.

        In contrast to that are the people that confess their sin and bring them….. Well.. Let scripture speak for itself:

        2 Cor 10:5
        We are destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God, and we are taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ,

  • billo

    There is a pervasive delusion that homsexuals are very peaceful and tolerant.

    This is certainly of many individual homosexuals.

    But, the political movement is far from tolerant. They reject “tolerance” of homosexuality and demand favor and supremicism. To them, homosexuality is to be admire and emulated.

    There is also a definite spirit of violence connected with the perversion.

    Sola Scriptura

    • Shirley Anne

      bilo, you make me LOL….. Sola Scriptura….. I read your short bio….. you really did learn your catechism well !!!

      • billo

        Dear Sis Shirley: Here’s another thing I, and all my gradeschool friends learned in the RCC:

        We all knew we were going to hell! That’s because there was no deliverance from sin and no assurance of salvation.

        I used to sit at mass and yearn to be the thief on the cross with Jesus so he would tell me “today you will be with me in paradise.”

        I was told by a nun, in the presence of my mother, that “we can never know if we are going to heaven or not.”

        Mortal sins included: eating meat on Friday, missing mass on Sunday or a holy day of obligation, attending a Protestant service…I’m not sure about the exact sin for allowing the eucharist to touch your teeth when receiving the Sacrement…

        Then, ironically at the Jesuit University I graduated from, a “Jesus Freak” preached the gospel to me….Paul’s gospel….all I need do is believe in Jesus…

        That gospel has empowered me to overcome my sin and to live for Jesus.

        By the way, I just watched Michael Rood’s “Rude Awakening” with some friends from church (The Road to Emmaus). I love his film on the Red Sea crossing. I am not sure if I understand or agree with everything he states in “The Road To Emmaus.”

        I am interested in GRACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        I do love the preacher Joseph Prince, R.C. Sproul, Dr. Michael Brown.

        All are great… and especially Walid and Ted Shoebat in their exposing of Islam and the Bible prophecy surrounding Islam.

        I believe that the church catholic needs to FIGHT ISLAM.

  • Amen Walid! Woo hoo! Seriously. You are VERY VERY smart when it comes to how you explain things and talk. You hit the nail on the head. Awesome point! Do you provide lessons on communicating like this? (smile)

  • jericho777

    Commit a sin, acknowledge that sin, ask for forgiveness and repent then your forgiven.
    Continue to live in that sin believing you have authority over it and you do not repent, you will be damned for it!
    Living in evil is not nice, thus homosexuality and lesbianism is not nice, anyone who practices such perversions of evil claiming they are innocent acts are of a reprobate mind and are already damned for it…

  • thejonno

    Ted, I have friended you on Facebook, and this is your response to me? I don’t disagree that they are evil. I agree they are sinning and promoting sin. Yet does not the scripture say “vengeance is mine saith the Lord”? Vigilante justice and the anger of man does not accomplish the righteousness of the Lord. You should know this.

    • thejonno

      Are you suggesting that the brother who is standing against the evil tide here in America is not doing God’s will as a preacher of righteousness? Noah preached righteousness even though no one responded.

  • billo

    The homosexual political agenda, like Islam, must be RESISTED AND OPPOSED.

    Individuals must be dealt with with the gospel.

    The political agenda, is aggressive, and seeks to not only normalize homosexuality, but to establish it as a superior, respected and prevalent lifestyle.

    They will also in this process, if permitted, criminalize all resistance and criticism.