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Obama Supporter to Pat Smith: I'm with Obama.

Pat Smith to Obama: My Son is Dead, that’s not Phony

Pat Smith, the mother of Sean Smith, one of Benghazi’s four deceased victims appeared on Fox News Channel today with Stuart Varney. She was asked to give her reaction to Barack Obama’s reference to “phony scandals” on the campaign trail… uh…. well, during a speech. Americans who can process information separate from their brain stems […]

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Crazy Pelosi thinks Insane Weiner is "clueless".

Crazy Pelosi calls Insane Weiner “Clueless”

In response to a question about Weinergate 2.0, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said some amazing things. In addition to saying that what Weiner did is “disrespectful to women”, Pelosi accused the former Congressman of being “clueless”. This charge in particular, was reminiscent of one person in a straightjacket accusing the guy in a padded […]

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Report: Marine Col. George Bristol testifying today

Marine Corps. Col. George Bristol, whom the Pentagon said was retired but who wasn’t, is reportedly testifying in front of the House Intelligence Committee today in closed session. This committee is headed by Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI). Via Garth Kant at WND: Congressional investigators have been trying to locate Bristol for months. As commander of […]

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KTOK's Reid Mullins of 'Mullins in the Morning'

Why did Limbaugh avoid the real Huma Abedin scandal?

As expected, Rush Limbaugh placed the Anthony Weiner / Huma Abedin press conference at the top of his ‘stack of stuff’ on Wednesday, July 24, 2013. As Oklahoma City talk show host Reid Mullins pointed out, Limbaugh’s analysis of Abedin, which included her following the Hillary Clinton model for dealing with ‘bimbo eruptions’, was good […]

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Benghazi just keeps getting closer  to Mursi.

Evidence Mounts: Mursi and Benghazi

By Walid Shoebat According to multiple Arabic sources, it has been learned that a Libyan intelligence envoy has made a trip to Cairo, Egypt. Security sources revealed that the visit of the Libyan intelligence chief Salem Al-Nahasi, who arrived in Cairo on Saturday evening, comes within the framework of coordination and exchange of information, documents […]

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