Unclassified Documents Reveal Sinister Plan between Republican Party and Muslim Brotherhood

By Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack
IKHWANLEAKS Installment #1

Unclassified documents and emails, never published in Western media until now, regarding the secret Muslim Brotherhood spy working for the America Embassy in Cairo, are being presented in the trial of Mohammed Mursi. They reveal the activities of a liaison between the U.S. Embassy in Cairo and the Muslim Brotherhood’s most senior leaders. Though employed by the embassy, Ahmed Aleiba does not have diplomatic immunities and was arrested by Egyptian authorities last month, according to the New York Times Bureau Chief, David Kirkpatrick.

The trial, which begins on February 16th, will determine if Muslim Brotherhood Deputy Khairat Al-Shater and ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi will be convicted. Much of the case rests on their dealings with Aleiba, who sent emails in his capacity as a U.S. embassy employee. One of those emails, originated on June 6, 2012 – prior to Mohammed Mursi’s election – implicates a Republican U.S. Congressman.

Rep. David Dreier (R-CA)

Rep. David Dreier (R-CA)

The email was sent to al-Shater. On June 10th, Aleiba – using an official U.S. State Department email address – forwarded that same email to al-Shater again with additional information. Al-Shater then forwarded the email to what appears to be Mursi adviser Essam el-Haddad ([email protected]). It is important to note that el-Haddad was an adviser to Mursi and documents we published last month showed that he was in secret meetings with representatives of Sudan’s Islamic Da’wa Organization (IDO). Essam’s son – Gehad el-Haddad – has a history that includes five years as an employee of the Clintons.

Aleiba Email, Pg. 1

Aleiba Email, Pg. 1


Dear Mr. Khalid Sa’d,

Greetings. I offer my aid through my collaboration in the Mursi campaign from the beginning of its inception and for that I thank you.

[It is important to note here that Aleiba is offering his support to the Muslim Brotherhood in his capacity with the U.S. State Department while also being an Egyptian employee who does not have the diplomatic immunity afforded to U.S. State Department employees.]

I write to you regarding a request to meet with Mohammed Mursi, the candidate for the Freedom and Justice Party to lead Egypt, that came from Rep. David Dreier, the Chairman of the U.S. House Rules Committee and the Ranking member (Rep. Louise Slaughter)

Rep. Dreier would like to meet Dr. Mohammed Mursi next Tuesday, June 12th, Allah willing. He also suggest 3pm for the meeting. He will be accompanied by the Ambassador of the U.S. to Egypt, Anne Patterson, and the Minister who has been commissioned for political issues from the U.S. Embassy. Again, I value my aid to you and I hope that the U.S. Consulate will connect me with someone responsible for the Mursi campaign to arrange the details.

Much appreciation,
Ahmed Aleiba
U.S. Embassy, Cairo
Cell: 0122 59 75 711
Email: [email protected]

Aleiba Email, Pg 2

Aleiba Email, Pg. 2


Subject: Re: Meeting request between U.S. Member of Congress and Mursi
From: Eleiba Ahmed M
Sent Wednesday, June 06, 2012 8:31 PM
To: [email protected]
Cc: Shea, Peter T

Mr. Khalid Sa’d, greetings regarding request submitted below. I hope that there is a simple adjustment in the suggested time for meeting with the requested after tomorrow as follows.

  1. The requested meeting with Dr. Mursi is at either 11am or 4:30pm.
  2. If Khariat al-Shater is available for meeting with the envoy, instead of Dr. Mursi, they would be happy to meet him. I value your response.

Ahmed Aleiba

Ahmed Aleiba

Ahmed Aleiba

Peter T. Shea is cc’d on this email. It is believed that this individual is the U.S. Department of Labor Officer stationed in Cairo, Peter T. Shea.

The email states that a U.S. Congressman requires a meeting with Mursi; that Congressman was Rep. David Dreier (R-CA), Chairman of the House Rules Committee at the time. Though not thought of as one of the more conservative congressmen in the U.S. House before retiring in 2013, the decision by Dreier to engage in such dealings with the Muslim Brotherhood is likely to raise eyebrows. Why was a Republican U.S. Congressman meeting with Mursi and Muslim Brotherhood leaders before the election?

This was at a very sensitive time, during the race between Shafiq and Mursi, which shows that the U.S. interests preferred the extremist Muslim Brotherhood over the secularists.

Aleiba was arrested on January 25th for being a key figure in the incitement of unrest and was heading demonstrations to cause unrest at the instruction of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo. Aleiba was photographing these demonstrations at the behest of the U.S. Embassy. He does not hold a U.S. citizenship and is not a diplomat. He is viewed by Egyptian authorities as a spy for the U.S.

As for the allegiances of David Dreier, watch this video of him in July of 2012, just one month after Mursi was elected. Note that this Republican member of Congress was choosing to side with the Muslim Brotherhood in this speech, though he used diplo-babble to express it:

PS: We have more to be releasing on this story soon.




  • pekin

    Can These Articles get into the “Right” hands?? Week-ends aren’t monitored so closely!

    • shoebat

      Please feel free to spread them around.

      • pekin

        I will, my Friend and God Bless Yourself and Yours 😉

  • CaptainCurmudgeon

    Please tell me why so many of our gay politicians support the Muslim Brotherhood…one imagines if Sharia takes hold in the USA, the Muslim Brotherhood will first exterminate these gay men.

    • ranchdancer

      Muslim Brotherhood is creeping into every aspect of our government, they are patient, stealth and devious…there is no room in our country for this assault on our constitution..we have an established government and judicial system, Sharia can never dwell in co-existence with our Constitution. Those who continually appease the spread of this disease in our mist, are guilty of treason.

      • Tzione

        Specifically,Article VI says,’THIS CONSTITUTION SHALL BE THE HIGHEST(AKHBAR) LAW OF THE LAND & THE JUDGES SHALL ENFORCE IT”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Laurettecanada

        Guess that includes you Potus. The coup has already taken place whilst America partied or slept

    • Bandit

      There are some cities that are already under that shearia crud and if that’s not enough the dictator is himself a mazlam and has been secretly pushing it as well.

    • propel7

      DC and all of it’s degenerate citizens work for the Masonic Illuminati Globalist Bankers, NOT the American People. They do what they are told.

  • Christopher T. Farrell

    What are the odds that Rep. Dreier meets with an unfortunate accident in the near future? Dead men tell no tales.

    • MartinJeffries

      Like the bankers who commit suicide by shooting nails into the back of their heads, multiple times…..

  • “Ditto” my comments from a related article by Ben Barrack:
    The Only Vote that Republicans and Democrats should be getting in 2014 and 2016 is a Vote of NO CONFIDENCE! It will take ousting the RINOs and the Liberal Left Democrats who have compromised their due-diligence while in office and breached the trust of the American citizenry. Both parties want to give the “appearance” that they are working for the good of the people and this country but in reality they are in collusion to steer this country toward socialism and the “New World Order” even if it means helping to create the Islamic Caliphate.

  • Joseph

    This SOB was our Representative for as long as 50 years. He left his wife and family to run off and the use our money for his vacations with his boy friend. This was the case until he retired, his district was split and Royce, who has a stellar 5 star rating took it, and we ended up leaving the People’s Republic of Kalifornia for AZ. Nothing surprises me when it comes to the Drier. I made many phone calls to his office and they were not because I liked what he did while in office. I do not know why these gays like Islam because the Muslims would just as soon cut their heads off than deal with their sodomy. They live the dream that Islam is the answer when it really a death sentence. Sure am glad that we traded up as far as a congressional representative goes in Paul Gosar. We have many MB members in the government and it concerns me greatly. Excellent article, Walid.

  • Michael

    Shoebat is about the only Journalist on the planet that knows what’s really going on. ALL the others are dumb as a post and/OR complicit.

    I’m thinking it is the ” and ” portion.

  • Halo9x

    This proves nothing. If a Rep. were to meet with Mursi, that’s because at the time Mursi was probably the front runner for President of Egypt at the time. This certainly doesn’t implicate the entire Republican Party as the headline suggests. Obama had thrown our ally under the bus. If anyone is in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood, it’s the Democrats!

    • shoebat


      Who’s the “front runner” for President of Egypt now?

      Perhaps you can explain why Lindsey Graham (R) and John McCain (R) went to Egypt as emissaries for Obama to have Muslim Brotherhood leaders released from jail when they should have been applauding el-Sisi (he was a ‘front runner’ at the time):

      Or how about Republican George W. Bush’s 2012 Wall Street Journal editorial that praised the Arab Spring:

      When have you ever heard Karl Rove, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Reince Priebus, et. al. denounce the Muslim Brotherhood?

      The Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization and an enemy of the U.S. Just because they’re in power does not mean they should be embraced by Republican leaders. In fact, once they were removed from power, the entire Republican Party should have expressed solidarity with the new government; it did not.

      Name one prominent Republican in office who has outwardly denounced the Muslim Brotherhood and actively expressed support for the current government in Egypt (excluding Bachmann, Gohmert, King, and perhaps a few others).

      Party loyalty needs to be replaced with critical thinking.

      • Laurettecanada

        Very well said.

    • Schawminator

      So damn clueless are you. Go back to sleep with your RINO criminals

  • beheading him is too good for this traitor–castrate him will be more suiting

  • KC

    I do not see where we can actually do much to stop the influx of our enemies into our Government, and our nation. I do see where we all ought to repent of our sin and turn to the true and Living Messiah Jesus the Christ, and place all of our hope in him, what other course of action do we really have? This nation has strayed far from it’s Christian roots, if we return to the Lord now, he may relent and spare our nation!

  • barry soetoro

    Wow I’m shocked that OBAMATOLLAH and half the USA government is in bed with MOSLEM TERRORISTS.

    McCain and Lindsey Graham flew to Cairo to lobby for the prison release of MOSLEM BROTHERHOOD TERRORISTS.

    Obama/McCain supply weapons to AL-QAEDA. This is public knowledge.

  • richinnameonly

    I read a Newsmax article this morning about the re-start of the Mursi trial and the antics of Mursi and his defense complaining about the courtroom situation. I can only hope that Mursi “vents” a bunch of tidbits about Obama and his administration and that they somehow get needed exposure here in the U.S.

  • knobster

    Oh no! This is horrible! We must take a stand now and… Hey look! Justin Beiber got another DUI.
    95% of the populace doesn’t give a damn about such things unless it directly affects their little bubble of life. The sheeple behavior in this country won’t change one bit until we hit 3rd world status. By then most of the sheeple will be dead and then the rest of us will be able to build this country back up.
    Prepare. Acquire real estate that you can grow a garden on. Dig a well. Get armed. Stock up on precious metals. Join a group of like-minded folks. Learn a skill that will be needed on the other side.

  • yahshua love’s you

    These people are sleeping with the enemy and the enemy which is Islam will soon show its real colour I would then like to see the looks on the faces of many of those Republican’s and Democrats when bombs start going off all over the place for these Islamic scums are not to be trusted and especially not in our politics and nor our society

  • jlf0210

    they should then know it does not end well for them!

  • jarhead1969

    Not long ago was released a video shot from a helicopter where it recorded a dozen Afghan men “raping” a “goat”. Muslim men are known to rape their children, both boys and girls – so the “rear enders” here might have an ally in Islam.

  • Laurettecanada

    Unfortunately Pope Jesuit and Obamanation are already chit chatting and both are into socialism. Ah yes the great apostasy, which is happening right under our noses just like the takeover of the American government. Sheep to the slaughter. Deception will be so great. Why? Because they had not a love of the truth.

  • QuestGirl

    Why am I not surprised….

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    Please don’t refer to the people of the united states when referring to that devil in the white house who loves the brotherhood. we have more brains!

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