Archive | February 4, 2014

Republican Leaders Found Supporting Jihad

Barack Obama is Huma Abedin on Steroids By Ben Barrack President Barack Obama and close Hillary Clinton adviser Huma Abedin have something extremely dangerous in common. Both have multiple family members who appear to be strongly connected to terrorism. In the case of Abedin, several members of her immediate family are directly tied to the […]

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It Takes Work

By Bob Michael LAPD Police Detective Capt. (Ret) I write for Walid from time to time and read most of what his organization produces. I respect their tireless work. I want to address the word “work” in a few minutes. I noted with interest today an article titled ‘Top Secret’ Documents Implicate Obamas, Clintons. Of […]

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The Catholic Church Did Not Invent Islam

By Theodore Shoebat The Catholic Church did not invent Islam. I have heard this countless times, and have received innumerable messages from people, that Islam was founded by the Catholic Church. I don’t have the time to respond to every individual who tells me this assertion, so I have decided to write this essay to […]

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The Obama Family Needs To be Arrested, Found To Be In Secret Plot To Establish Islamic Law

By Walid Shoebat EXCLUSIVE This report includes all necessary evidence to establish the case for Malik Obama’s link to terrorism. I have acquired Israeli intelligence reports, which add more teeth to make the case even stronger. This includes financial evidence. The hyperlinks in this report are essential. They link to monumental details provided from primary […]

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