Archive | February 5, 2014

John McCain Chooses Jihad; Yells at Syrian Christians

Who better to explain what’s going on in Syria these days than the victims of the Jihadists? You can put Syrian Christians at the top of the list. Christian leaders from that country recently paid a visit to Capitol Hill and none other than Jihad-apologist, Senator John McCain (RINO-AZ) apparently gave the clergy a dress […]

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Jordanian Sheikh Rips Palestinians, Praises Jews

There must be some truth to the saying that you see everything if you live long enough. In this case, a Jordanian Sheikh named Ahmad Adwan doesn’t just read the Palestinians the riot act but insists they are betraying the Qur’an by attempting to take control of Israel. According to Al Quds, via Elder of […]

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Italians Fight Islam, And Reject Plan To Have Islamic Center In Italy

By Theodore Shoebat Many Italians are furious at the Italian prime minister, Enrico Letta, for his plan to allow an Islamic center to be built in Venice. Massimo Bitonci, a senator in the anti-immigration Northern League party, said Let me send the premier a clear message. We don’t want an Islamic centre in Venice. Letta […]

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